Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Two-Year AnniversaryWe are officially on furlough. We arrived in the U.S. on Wednesday, the 10th. We had a wonderful flight with no trouble, and all of our luggage arrived at the final destination. Before coming to the States, the Lord was doing some great things at Grace Baptist Church. We were able to have another wedding just a week before we left. William and Stella are a young couple from our church. It was a blessing that my wife was able to save them money by allowing Stella to use her wedding dress. The weather was perfect, and it’s always a privilege to be able to marry folks.

On Sunday, August 7, we celebrated the Two-Year Anniversary of GBC. I had been telling our folks earlier to invite their friends and family. Everyone was excited and expecting many folks to come. Our goal was to have 300 that day, and the Lord allowed us to have 330 people. Our church building was too small, so we had 182 people outside under a tent listening in through the windows. It was fun, though, and smiles and laughter were evident. We combined our normal two services into one. We had some extra singing and special things because of that day. We also had 6 people follow the Lord in baptism. It was a great day, but it was also our last service there before we left for furlough.

I really thank God for the people He has allowed me to serve with here at GBC. The staff men and their families have truly been a blessing to me personally. This ministry is like a family, and we need each other to help it run smoothly. On Sunday, August 7, I had the privilege, as well, to ordain the two men I left the church with while I’m gone—Pastor Mwendesha and Pastor Dissi. Please pray for these men, as they are stepping up in an even bigger way while I am gone. I know that they would covet your prayers.

We sure will be busy, as our first meeting was on August 16 in Mt. Olive, North Carolina. Our first few meetings are in North Carolina, as our “home base” is near Charlotte. We will be busy though the end of October and into November. We appreciate all of you, and we do covet your prayers as well as we travel. Please continue to pray for the pastors and people we left in Tanzania; pray that they will continue to grow and thrive in the Lord.

Your missionary representatives,

Mshama, Martha, and Esther Kinyonga