Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Seeing People SavedWe are always so grateful and honored to be able to write to you about all that the Lord has been doing here in Tanzania. We appreciate every single one of you so very much, even the folks who have joined the church since we came to present our burden to you; we truly do love you all. Thank you so much for all the cards and emails that were sent on behalf of my birthday and my wife’s birthday, as well as our anniversary. We feel so loved; thanks for remembering us.

We have had a lot of activities going on around here, starting with another trip to Kolero. We try to go every month or so. It has been a very long rainy season here, for which we are grateful; however, the roads do take a turn for the worse. In this case I and some faithful men from our church went to Kolero, and on the way we got stuck in the mud for over two hours. Nine men from around there helped us greatly trying to dig us out. It was a long day, but all 9 of those men trusted Christ, making a total of 15 for that day. What was a little aggravating turned into souls saved.

“Makeup of the Spirit” was our theme for the ladies’ meeting. We had over 150 in attendance. Ladies’ meetings are always fun and exciting; to see so many ladies together having a great time and getting the extra “ladies’ teaching” is so very important. A big thanks to Rachel Wyatt for organizing the evening. Not to forget our men, we also had a men’s meeting. It’s also healthy to encourage and build our men.

Morogoro has quite a few universities, so it’s great to take advantage of winning the young adults to Christ. We had a university meeting at the church; Pastor Jerry and I and other men gave lectures on different topics. The Lord truly blessed our efforts, with 160 college men and women in attendance and 43 of them trusting Christ. We are currently trying to have a program each Saturday to continue to disciple them. Please pray that they will be faithful.

Our Bible Club, “Kola B,” had a soccer completion with “Kila Kala.” It was a friendly match just allowing the boys to get to know each other. We won 2-0, but the real blessing was the fact that 21 of the young men trusted Christ. Please pray that they will continue to come each week and have the opportunity to be discipled. We ended the month with a wonderful opportunity to go camping with the Kessel family and the CLCH boys. We had a great time being with all of them and having devotions around the campfire, just challenging them to live for God and letting them know that even though they have no earthly parents, they have folks here who love them and a big God Who loves them too. We took the day and went hiking to see some waterfalls and the beautiful nature that God made.

Lastly, let me tell you of an amazing salvation experience. I was at home when a gentleman came up to me and said, “Mshama Kinyonga, I heard you were a preacher.” I responded, “Yes.” He went on to tell me this: “I would like to get saved right now, please.” I immediately took him into my garage, and he was sweetly saved. His name was Daniel.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our prayer letters.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga