Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Our New Little Girl Has Arrived!We are excited that we get to report to you all that God has been doing since our last prayer letter. We are grateful for the ministry opportunities that God allowed us to do in 2020, and we are even more excited about what God will do this year in 2021. We are always encouraged when we hear what God is doing through you all at your churches as well. Thank you all for being faithful and willing so that God can use you.

As you know, we started the year Stateside due to Martha’s pregnancy. January consisted of a lot of doctor’s appointments and adjusting to the snowy weather. Our home base for these months is in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area. We are grateful for Pastor Dean Noonan and all the folks at Faith Baptist Church for their willingness to help us transition during this time. We will be heading back to Tanzania on May 31.

The Lord blessed us with the early appearance of our daughter. We welcomed Rachel Rebekah Kinyonga on January 28 instead of February 12. We thank God for a healthy delivery; Mother and Baby are doing well. Everyone is adjusting nicely to a new little one. We thank you all for your prayers, gifts, etc.

I do thank God for the ministry opportunities that He has given me so far while we are here. I had the opportunity to preach to high schoolers at City Baptist School (a school for bus kids out of First Baptist Church of Hammond). It was a joy to see them, to answer their questions, and to share a short challenge with them. I also had the opportunity to attend a Missions Luncheon at HAC. What a joy it was to be back at the school I graduated from, seeing some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time and teachers who are still there, being faithful and allowing God to use them still. That in itself was an encouragement to me, but to see the next generation of college students who have a heart for missions and just trying to encourage them to surrender and be willing to do what God would have them to do was a huge blessing.

Life in Tanzania still continues. I keep up with my staff quite often. I am grateful for my assistant pastor and his willingness to step up when needed. I am also grateful for the folks at Grace Baptist Church, as they continue to be faithful and grow spiritually. The Gospel is still going forth, visitors are still coming, and folks are still getting saved and baptized. Please continue to pray for Grace Baptist Church and my assistant pastor, Enoch Mwendesha, as he leads the folks and also for all the ministries as they continue. Pray that God will continue to bless their efforts as they use all our ministries to try and further the Gospel. COVID does seem to be rearing its ugly head lately in Tanzania. Many deaths throughout the country and especially in our town have been more prevalent as of late. We do what we can physically but trust God in the end. Pray that God will use this bad virus to bring more people to come to know Him. Pray that our folks at Grace will have the boldness to speak the truth.

We always like to say thank you to you all. We thank you for your continued support. We know that this is possible because you all are willing to be used by God. God uses people, and we are so glad that you all are teaming up with us in prayer and financial support.

Your missionary representatives,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, Benjamin, & Rachel Kinyonga