Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Furlough Continues to Fly ByCan you believe that October is almost over already? Our furlough continues to fly by. During our time in the States, we will be east of the Mississippi. This will give us the great opportunity to see the summer fade into fall. In Tanzania we miss the fall season. God’s creation is so beautiful as the leaves change into many colors.

God has been so good to us. He has spoiled us beyond our wildest dreams. There have been so many blessings. First of all, it’s been wonderful to visit our supporting churches. We are excited that we have the privilege to share with them what God is doing in Tanzania. Some of the churches have a school, so Esther has even had the opportunity to attend, and she has thoroughly enjoyed that. It’s also encouraging to see faithfulness. The Devil would love to destroy and defeat Christians, and it’s good to see that no matter the adversity, there are faithful people who continue. God has also blessed us with being in some new churches. We are always humbled when a new church would give us the opportunity to come. One of our new churches, First Baptist Church in Montgomery, New York, voted to take us on for support already, which is just another added blessing.

We have also been able to take Esther to see some famous cities like Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago. It’s fun to be able to take advantage of these cities as we are passing through them.

Not only does God provide our spiritual needs, but He also provides our physical needs. We were in need of a new phone and iPads, and the Lord used Victory Hill Baptist Church to provide us with those things. We also were going to purchase a keyboard, some speakers, and a mixer for our church; and Midway Baptist Church filled that need. We have also had several churches give towards our Building and Bus Funds. We are absolutely amazed how God uses people to help people.

As October winds down and November approaches, we will continue on our furlough journey. We are looking forward to being home for Thanksgiving and then heading up toward Baltimore. We want to thank all the churches thus far for everything that they have done for us: the gift baskets, toys, and clothes for Esther and all the hugs, smiles, love, and kindness given. We truly are thankful and grateful.

For His glory,

Mshama, Martha & Esther Kinyonga.