Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Faithful in the Little ThingsGreetings from Morogoro, Tanzania. Can you believe that October is ending? We know that it is now the fall season in the States and have enjoyed seeing pictures of the leaves changing. I’m sure it’s refreshing to have the hot summer ending and the cooler fall breezes approaching. We are entering our summer season, so we are embracing the end of the coolness and heading into the hot.

These months here at GBC have been good. We have been faithful in the little things, which has led to consistent growth. Teaching, preaching, baptism, and soul winning—can’t say that there’s anything wrong with that! We are helping and guiding folks and praying that they make the right decisions. I am always grateful for the folks God brings to GBC so we can make a difference. We have been averaging 300-plus on Sundays and 120 on Wednesdays. Thank you to all who have prayed for and supported us. This is just as much your ministry and influence as it is ours.

On one of the Saturdays, we went soul winning in an area called Bigwa. We had over 85 people come out that day, and 9 people trusted Christ. Sometimes you wonder whatever happens to the tracts you leave. The very next day, which was Sunday morning, I got a phone call at 7:00 from 2 teenagers who were ready and want to be picked up. Then at 8:30 that same morning when we were about to leave, a little boy was ready and waiting at his gate to go to church. You just never know the influence you are having; don’t quit the small stuff.

We have had three funerals these past two months: 90-year-old Mama Robert, 45-year-old Felix, and 57-year-old Ephraimu. It makes us realize how precious life is and how much we need to take advantage of the influence that we have on people. To our knowledge, they had all accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. Many of our folks chipped in and helped dig the graves, cook, and help with the service—just working together so things would go smoothly. As you know, death is unexpected. So many of our folks were willing to change their schedules to help show support. I’m proud of our church members.

We had our 3rd Annual Bike Race and Family Day. We had over 30 men and 23 women in the competition. We had the race in the morning while the weather was still cool, and in the afternoon, we played “camp-like” games. It was good fellowship and a time where everyone could get involved and have fun as a family.

We are always grateful that we can inform you of what is going on here. We appreciate your love for us and all the notes that we get. They are a great encouragement to us. Please know that we pray for your ministries as well, that God will give a great increase and that fun and excitement will be present.

Your friends,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga