Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter:  Back Home on the FieldWe are so grateful and honored that we get to update you once again on what’s been going on over these past few months. God has used you all once again to provide for our needs, for which we are so thankful.


For the month of September, we were busy traveling to different churches. Some were new, and some were old; some had a new pastor since the last time we went. It was good to be able to present our work and to talk face to face with new and old friends. It was the first test to see how Benjamin would do on a long car ride in preparation for our return in October. I’m happy to say that he did well, which we were very thankful for. It had been awhile since we traveled with a newborn, and we quickly remembered how much more you need to pack. All went well, and the months that we were in the States were truly a blessing in many ways. We lost support from two churches, but God once again came through and provided us with four new ones.

It’s always amazing how God’s timing is absolutely perfect. We are in need of another bus. We rent one already, but if we had another one, we could do so much more. A new bus can cost around US$17,000. One of our supporting churches told us that they will match, dollar for dollar, whatever we raise for our bus. So, we wanted to present all of you with this idea. How would you like to have a part in getting the Gospel into a new village area, or how would you like to have a part in discipling people because your donation helped them get to church? There is a great need to reach more areas with the Gospel. You can do that with your donation; we are just presenting the idea. We are so grateful for what you all have done already; please know that we don’t take that for granted.


After a 20-hour-plus flight, we made it back home safe and sound. Our permit had expired while in the States just two days before. We were given a grace period of 30 days upon arrival, which was a blessing because it saved us $400. I went the very next week to apply for our work permit and our resident permit. We are still in the waiting period, although our 30 days are almost up. If you could, please pray that they will grant us permission to stay and that all will go according to God’s purpose and plan. Many folks have been rejected as of late, so we are just praying for the government to show us favor.

Our folks at GBC were excited to have us back. It was so encouraging to see that our regular members stayed faithful but also to see new folks who had joined and were growing. There were plenty of new faces—I ask my wife, “Do you know who these people are?” We are also hitting the ground running with new projects and such. We put in a ceiling at the church and also a new water tank and storage unit. It’s good to see growth, both spiritually and physically, around the church. Where things are happening, it is always exciting. As we say often, please know we would love to have you come to visit any time to see what God is doing. It would be our pleasure to host you. Know that we pray that you can continue to be a light in your Jerusalem, as well as in the uttermost parts of the earth. We love and appreciate you all.

Your missionary friends,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, & Benjamin