Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: 6-Year Church AnniversaryGreetings from Tanzania. We are grateful that God has given us the opportunity once again to write to you all and tell you what has been going on these past months. We are thankful that God has supplied all our needs and has given us plenty of extra blessings as well. We have been praying for you all too. We pray that God will continue to bring peace and comfort as you all continue in the ministry there back in the States. Thank you for staying faithful in prayers and offerings despite the chaos at times throughout the world.

We didn’t have the final numbers of our church’s Six-Year Anniversary by the time the last prayer letter was sent, so let me give you those. The Lord blessed with our biggest day yet. We had 720 people in attendance and 23 salvations! It was truly a busy yet blessed day.

We also started a Wednesday night Bible class for kids awhile back. We had never had one before and thought it would be good for the younger kids to learn Bible truths on their level. We have Bible time, questions, a memory verse, games, and/ or a craft. Well, just to give you an update, we average 40 kids each Wednesday, and we have gotten a good schedule down. The kids are excited every week, and I’m so glad that God seems to be blessing this newer ministry.

Prayer is very important and vital in our individual Christian lives, but I believe it is also important to pray together as a church. We scheduled an all-night prayer meeting back in September. It was a great time. We had some singing, preaching, and prayer from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. We had a schedule so that every hour we all knew what to pray for. We took every family from our church and organized them by where they lived, and each hour we prayed for a specific area. By the end of the night, we had prayed for every church member by family.

Just to keep you updated on the church plant that we have in the area of Gairo—Grace Baptist Church of Gairo. They are doing well. They were able to bring a van full of folks for our Six-Year Anniversary. We took a group of men with us this past month to see how things were going. God sure is blessing them. A few weeks ago, they purchased their own piece of property. Before that, they were using the pastor’s house. So fun and exciting times are ahead for GBC of Gairo. Please continue to pray for them as they try to make a difference and spread the Gospel in Gairo.

We just finished our election on the 28th of October. We thank God for the peaceful election. We have been praying for the upcoming election in the States as well. We are excited, as we plan on heading back to the States on December 8. Thank you to those who have been praying for Martha and the baby. They are doing well. Please continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Your missionary representatives,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, & Benjamin Kinyonga