Mshama and Martha Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Sarah Elizabeth Kinyonga Has Arrived!Spring is here. It’s always refreshing to see the changing over of the seasons. All of the details that go into that just remind me of how good God is and how His love for the details and timing is magnificent. We pray that you are all well and continuing to stay faithful where God has planted you. We are always grateful when you take the time to read what God has been doing through us—actually, through all of us, because we are a team in getting the Gospel to Tanzania and helping them grow in their Christian lives as well.

Field News

Grace Baptist Church continues to thrive even though we are Stateside. I’m grateful for the pastors and staff that the Lord has brought to us. They work so hard together to make sure things run smoothly. We have had an increase in growth since the new year. We are excited when we get visitors, but we are even more excited when they come back, stay, and start to grow. We were averaging 350 but are now averaging 400. They have continued that growth since we left on January18. A few Sundays ago, they had 416. It’s not about numbers, although we are grateful when people come. Please pray that they will grow wherever they are spiritually and that we can have even more influence for Christ.

Easter Sunday is always a big day in most churches, and it was the same at Grace Baptist Church as well. We had 750 in attendance, with 1 salvation that we are aware of. There were many visitors, so we will have a busy next couple of weeks following up on them.

Stateside News

Kinyonga Baby #4, Sarah Elizabeth Kinyonga, was born via C-section on March 14, 2022. She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and was 19 inches long. Mother and baby are doing well. We thank God that little Sarah’s blood sugars are normal. They watched her closely due to the fact that Martha is a Type 1 diabetic. We thank all of you who prayed for them during Martha’s pregnancy.

I have also had the privilege of traveling to many Missions Conferences since being back. It is amazing how God provides meetings. All of these meetings were new churches due to the fact of my wife’s pregnancy at the time. I am so thankful that these pastors were understanding enough to allow me to come by myself and represent my family. We had five new churches vote to co-labor with us, so God always provides for His work.

Future Plans

We will be traveling out West starting in June. We are excited that we can visit our faithful supporting churches out there and also add some new ones. Please be in prayer already as we schedule visits and try to finalize our summer travels.

Let us know your prayer requests and if there are any needs we can help you with. We would be more than happy to pray for you and help you out in any way we can. Thanks again for teaming up with us. We love and appreciate each and every one of you.

Your missionary friends,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, Benjamin, Rachel, & Sarah Kinyonga