Montana Morrow Prayer Letter:  What's New?Traveling coast to coast has kept us busy, but God’s grace abounds.

What’s New?

Since our last letter, we have seen a lot of miles and been with many pastors and fellow Christians. At the beginning of May, we had about 2½ days to drive from Granite Bay, California, to Eureka, Kansas. We only stopped for gas, food, and sleep. We stayed in Kansas for one week and had the opportunity to reconnect with Kellie’s extended family. After Kansas, we headed to my wife’s hometown to dog-sit for her parents while they went out of town. We then traveled to Virginia to visit Pastor Scott Souther at Gateway Baptist Church. Kellie’s sister Kim has attended Gateway Baptist Church for almost four years. We also had the chance to visit with Pastor Timothy Kirchoff in Front Royal, Virginia. Our last meeting of the year was held in Marshalltown, Iowa, with Pastor Edwin Hannahs.

On June 3, I was ordained by Pastor Kip Morrow at our home church, Victory in Grace. Our church held a social in our honor and spoiled my wife with new clothes and other items. The service was bittersweet, as it was the dream of my grandpa, Pastor Ron Morrow, to send us off to the mission field, but we know he was watching from his seat in Heaven!

Kellie’s family also welcomed in a new member by way of marriage. On June 30, Kimberli McCullough married Tyler Giles. We’re so thankful that we were able to be there for this special event.

Blessing and Answers to Prayer!

We are very thankful for traveling mercies, as we have literally traveled from coast to coast this year. There were times when our outcome was greater than our income, but God has always given us the money exactly when we needed it!

Praise the Lord that we have already raised 43% of our needed support! We have only been on deputation since September of 2017 and did not expect to be this far along. God is good!


We are excited to be heading back to the field on July 3 for six months! We will be working at Faith Baptist Church in Morogoro, Tanzania, while the Wyatt family is back on furlough. God is doing so much on our field, and we cannot wait to jump back into the ministries! We are planning many new updates during our time overseas. Tune into our Facebook, Vimeo, and website every Monday for a brand-new video series titled “The Morrow Minute: Heartbeat of the Mission Field.” This will be a series of weekly update videos during our time in Tanzania this summer! We are also planning to update our website and deputation video. God has been so good, and we want to show you as much as possible. Please pray that God would use us to be a blessing in the upcoming months!

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions since we started our full-time deputation journey in March. We have been preparing for our departure for quite a while and cannot believe that the time to depart has come. We haven’t stayed in one place for more than three weeks at a time, and I know my wife is very anxious to unpack for a while.

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana and Kellie Morrow