Montana Morrow Prayer Letter: What an Awesome God!We are thrilled to be back in Tanzania!

What’s New?

We are writing this letter from 8,000 miles away from where we were when we wrote last. On July 3, we packed our bags and boarded a plane for Tanzania, East Africa. The Wyatt family will be on furlough from mid-August till January, and we had agreed to assist in their ministries during their absence.

We are both excited and a little nervous to be taking a larger role in a growing ministry. Upon our arrival, our good friend Alpha took us from the airport in Dar es Salaam to Morogoro about four hours away. Alpha was led to Christ by my father and has remained a close friend of our family.

When we got to Morogoro, we both slept and tried to adjust to the time change. Being eight hours ahead does make a slight difference! The following weeks were spent training in the ministries we would be overseeing while the Wyatts were gone. After a couple of weeks, things sped up rapidly as we approached the church’s 4th Annual Tanzanian Stadium Crusade. Praise the Lord! All our hard work was worth it, as 1,370 souls were added to the Book of Life that day!

The Sunday after the crusade was Soccer Sunday. Faith Baptist Church’s highest attendance so far had been 960, but we had never broken 1,000. It was our prayer that God would let us reach that goal, but as we woke up and started to prepare for church, it began to rain. Rain in Tanzania is like snow in America; it drastically disrupts traffic, as streets turn from dirt to mud and tires start to spin. I began to doubt that God would answer our prayers, but I remembered that God doesn’t need perfect circumstances to do His will. If one person came to church and that’s what God wanted, I should be content.

At 10 minutes till church was to start, there was maybe 100-150 people on the property, and I trusted that God would bring the number He wanted. However, in the last 10 minutes and through much of the first service, people continued to pour in until we had a hard time finding enough room. Praise the Lord for over 1,500 in attendance! We serve a God Who overflows above and beyond what we can ever need or ask for. Thank God for answered prayer!


August 20 marks the beginning of our time without the Wyatt family. Please continue to pray that God will bless the ministries as we continue to reach Tanzanians for Christ!

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana & Kellie Morrow