Montana Morrow Prayer Letter:  Time Flies!Time flies when you are having fun, and serving God is fun! A lot has happened since our last letter!

What’s New?

My wife and I decided back in February that it was time to move out of our apartment. Kellie diligently started the dreadful process of sorting, selling, packing, and throwing out our belongings. It’s amazing how much two people can accumulate in a short amount of time. Thankfully, we didn’t have any meetings scheduled for February, and that allowed us time to pack. We had to be moved out of our apartment by March 31, and by the grace of God in between working and traveling, we were able to do it! We still have some items that need to be sorted through once we return to Iowa, but the majority of the work has been accomplished.

On April 5, we traveled to Illinois to drop off my wife’s hedgehog with her family before our trip out West. That was a pretty emotional goodbye for her. We then started our journey on April 6 to be with Pastor Darryl Reeves in Carbondale, Colorado. My wife had never seen this part of the country before, so this trip was enjoyable for her. After our meeting in Colorado, we headed to Sacramento, California. We had four meetings during our time there. Our meetings were with Pastor Todd Herbert (Stockton, California), Pastor John Evertson (Woodland, California), Pastor Dennis Blankenship (Rancho Cordova, California), and Pastor Dick Hedger (Sacramento, California).

My aunt and uncle opened up their home to us during our stay in California. We enjoyed getting to spend time with family that we don’t see very often.

Blessings and Prayer Requests

Our plane tickets for Tanzania have been purchased! We weren’t sure where the money for the plane tickets was going to come from, but we serve a God Who provides for His children. During the Walk-Up Offering at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, we received enough money to purchase the tickets! We were blown away by the generosity of the people there! We fly out on July 3 and return to the States on January 28, 2019. Please pray that our visas and resident applications will be approved by the Tanzanian government.

While at Pastor Blankenship’s church, we met a lady named Frankie who was a new Christian. She has been faithfully attending church with her three kids, but her husband Michael is not saved and has no interest in coming to church. There is power in prayer, and we have added him to our prayer list.

Bible Fellowship Baptist Church (Pastor Blankenship) holds a service at the local mission once a month. Before the service, we had the opportunity to bless the homeless by sharing our extra food with them. It was humbling to see these grown adults accept what little food we had to give them. There were more people present than what we could help. After the service, I had the opportunity to pray with a lady named Joyce who was struggling with the assurance of her salvation. I opened God’s Word and shared verses of reassurance with her. I was also able to pray with her.

We are also joining Pastor Herbert and Pastor Evertson in prayer about their desires for new church buildings. Our desire is to be a help and blessing to the churches we attend, and while we cannot financially help, we can pray—and that is more powerful than money!


As July approaches, we will be slowing down in our travels so we can prepare for our trip. In May we are heading to Kansas for three scheduled meetings and then traveling to Virginia for two more scheduled meetings. We will and have been busy, but our travels have been and will be productive.

We will get the chance to spend time with my wife’s family while in Kansas and Virginia. God is so good to allow us time with loved ones before our extended trip halfway around the world. Nothing we do for God is done in vain.

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana and Kellie Morrow