Montana Morrow Prayer Letter: Impacting the World for ChristNovember brought new challenges to deputation, with Kellie staying in Iowa because of class while I traveled alone in Michigan and Indiana. I enjoyed a great Missions Conference at Lakecrest Baptist Church in Waterford, Michigan, with Pastor Dail. The church spoiled each of the missionary families with generous gifts and financial support. While there, I also preached and presented our work to their Spanish Ministry! From Waterford, I traveled to Berean Baptist Church in Adrian, Michigan, where I got to share our ministry with Pastor Rogers. The church provided me with a wonderful prophet’s chamber, and I even reunited with some old friends from college. Our last meeting of 2019 was in Indianapolis, Indiana, at Hope Baptist Church. What a blessing the different pastors and people have been to us throughout this year. It is always encouraging to meet different Christians across this country with the same goal of impacting this world for Christ!

I traveled all across Michigan and Indiana, going door to door to deliver information packets and meet pastors these past two months. I was able to visit over 100 churches and made several new contacts and booked future meetings!

CNA Class

This past June, God placed the desire in Kellie’s heart to go back to school. She started researching different colleges, trying to find something online that would work with our traveling schedule. Due to the clinical portion of the CNA class, there weren’t any online classes available. There was a local college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that held multiple CNA classes throughout the year. She chose that college but was uncertain of the time that she should choose. She didn’t want to miss any of our meetings, but God knew best. We were gifted almost all of the money that she would need for her class, and she enrolled for the November course. The class and the clinical portion were six weeks in length, which meant that she would have to miss a few meetings.

She passed the class portion with a grade of 95 and also passed the clinical portion. She then had to pass a 100-question written test and a skills test before she could become certified. Kellie passed the written test with a 90% and passed the skills test. She’s now a certified nursing aide! This will allow her to help in the future clinic that Pastor Wyatt has plans to build.

Thank you again to New Life Baptist Church in Clinton, Illinois, and James Rassi for investing in my wife’s future!

Baby Morrow

In September, we found out that we were pregnant with our first baby! Traveling was rough for a few weeks, as Kellie was pretty sick. Thankfully, the sickness has slowed down to where she’s able to travel again. We told our families and friends in October and found out the gender on December 23. We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming a baby boy in May! We can’t wait to meet our Landon.


We spent Thanksgiving in Iowa with my side of the family. I had a lot of extended family that traveled from California and Georgia for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, we spent Christmas Eve with my family and then drove to Illinois to spend Christmas Day with Kellie’s family. This is more than likely, God willing, our last Thanksgiving and Christmas in the States for a while.


We’ve had a busy year traveling across America. Our summer and the holidays were pretty slow, but God has allowed us to end the year at 74%! We’re eager to raise the remaining 26% and relocate to Tanzania in June. It won’t be an easy transition because of our newborn son, but God will supply strength to Kellie and me.

Upcoming Trip

At the end of February, I will be making a solo trip to Tanzania for two weeks. Pastor Wyatt has been keeping me up to date regarding the renewal process for our visas. Our work and resident visas do not expire until the end of May, but he thought it best that I come before then and get the process started early. Please pray for me as I travel and that the renewal process will go smoothly. There have been some disagreements between the Tanzanian government and those who wish to reside in the country by way of visas. We’re trusting that God hasn’t brought us this far just to shut the door.

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana & Kellie Morrow