Montana Morrow Prayer Letter: God Knows Our FutureGod Knows Our Future!

It’s hard to believe that a new year is already upon us! The past two months have been very productive for our ministry. Our first official meeting of the year was actually not planned. We did a drop-in visit at Grace Baptist Church in Decatur, Illinois, on a Wednesday night; and Pastor Josh Smith asked us to come back the following Sunday to present our ministry. Our next meeting was held at Park Meadows Baptist in Lincoln, Illinois. Right after the presentation, Pastor Kerby Campbell voted us in on the spot!
Thank you, Grace Baptist Church (Decatur, Illinois), Park Meadows Baptist Church (Lincoln, Illinois), and Desert Gateway Baptist Church (Gilbert, Arizona), for taking us on for support! We are now 18% away from reaching our goal!


In February, we traveled to Coldwater, Mississippi, for our first Missions Conference of the year. From there we went north to Belleville, Michigan. What a blessing the people of Metro Baptist Church were to us! Our next stop was in Indianapolis, Indiana, at Crossroads Baptist Church. After that meeting, we had to travel back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for Kellie’s appointment with her doctor. I was able to spend some time with my dad, working on getting the necessary paperwork ready for my trip to Tanzania. Then we were off again to Union City, Indiana, and after that back north to Dundee, Michigan. We had the opportunity to go out visiting with Crossroads Baptist Church (Dundee, Michigan), and it was very obvious that the people there had a heart for souls. The church was able to see 5-6 people trust Christ as their Saviour! My wife and I were not able to participate in that number, but we did pass out quite a few tracts that weekend.

Baby Landon

Kellie’s pregnancy is progressing nicely, and we are only a couple months away from meeting our son! We are thankful that there have been no complications so far and that Kellie has still been able to travel with me. Her appointments now are every two weeks, so that does make going back and forth a little difficult. She will have to stay in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, area when she reaches the 36-week mark (Easter Sunday), and while I hate going to meetings alone, I’d rather she be near her doctor in case she goes into labor early. I am not going to book any meetings for the first part of May so that I can be near my wife during that time. If I am able to schedule meetings after Landon’s birth, I will be going alone until she and Landon are able to join me.

Tanzania Trip

I flew out to Morogoro, Tanzania, early Thursday morning on February 27 and reached my destination Saturday, March 1. I’m using this trip to get a head start on the necessary paperwork for our visa renewal. In our last letter, I mentioned that it is getting more difficult to acquire a work and resident visa from the government. Please pray that God’s hands will be upon the documents that Pastor Wyatt will submit to the government officials on our behalf. As of right now, we can be approved to be in the country for two years. It has been my heart’s desire since I was a teenager to work in Morogoro with Pastor Wyatt. I have no backup plan if God were to shut the door now.

I may not know what the future holds, but I serve a God Who does!

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana & Kellie Morrow