Montana Morrow Prayer Letter:  Being Blessed and Being a BlessingAfter a rather slow period during June and most of July, our schedule finally filled up again. We spent our open Sundays and Wednesdays visiting different churches in and around Decatur, Illinois. Pray with us that one of those drop-ins would be successful! During two of our drop-ins, I was given the opportunity to speak for a few minutes, and both churches graciously gave us a love offering. It was completely unexpected, but such a nice blessing.

Blessings and Answers to Prayer!

Thank you to Solid Rock Baptist Church in Ankeny, Iowa, for voting at the beginning of July to begin supporting us! We are so excited to partner with Pastor Keith Baker and his church.

In our last letter, I mentioned that Kellie was looking into starting a CNA class this coming fall or spring. We were planning on saving the money, but God impressed upon the hearts of New Life Baptist Church in Clinton, Illinois, and James Rassi to cover her schooling costs! She will be starting the class on November 4 and will be in class for five weeks, until December 12. Thank you so much for helping us meet that need. Please pray that her mind will remain clear and focused during that time.

Thank you to Marion Avenue Baptist of Washington, Iowa, and Faith Baptist Church of Berne, Indiana, for allowing us to present our ministry. We have been supported by MABC for quite some time but have never officially presented there. We were definitely spoiled by both churches.


Kellie witnessed to a man after we bought a used bicycle from him in July. He did not know where he would spend eternity, and he was not interested in hearing about it either. Please pray that Leon has at least read the tract and either did get saved or will get saved.
In August, we had the privilege of helping out with the VBS at Crystal River Baptist Church in Carbondale, Colorado. We weren’t sure how many children would be in attendance during the week, but we were going to have a great time regardless. Kellie was able to lead 3 young ladies to Christ; one was even a first-time visitor! Another first-time visitor was a young man named John. He made it loud and clear that he did not want to be there. During the Bible-memory section, he was asking a lot of deep questions. I was able to talk to him and answer some of them for him, but he wasn’t quite ready to accept Christ. He came back the next day with more questions and accepted Christ! He was immediately burdened for his dad and asked us to pray that he would get saved as well. In total, we saw 10 souls accept Christ as their Saviour!

Being a Blessing

We met Pastor Keith Ellis during one of our drop-ins earlier this summer. He pastored a smaller church and had us present, but he could not promise support. He then asked me to fill his pulpit one Sunday during his absence. Our ministry right now is deputation, but it’s not always about seeking support. Sometimes it’s just about being a blessing and helping others. Jesus was a servant during His ministry; He was always helping others. We’re just trying to follow His example!

Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Montana and Kellie Morrow