Montana Morrow Prayer Letter: A Different Kind of BusyOur lives have been pretty busy since our last letter—just a different kind of busy though. We have not resumed our travels yet, but providing for Landon’s needs is a full-time job. I never knew how many diapers a baby can go through in just one day! It is hard to believe that he is already three months old; we’re not sure where the time is going.

Thank You

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Pastor Joseph Brown at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa. After reading how close we were to our goal and how many more churches we need to take us on, the church voted to DOUBLE our monthly support!! What a huge blessing and answer to prayer that was! Our current support level is 88%. Kellie did some more calculations, and the maximum amount of new churches we need is 10, which is based on an average of $50 a month.

It has been discouraging to see how close we are to moving to the field and not being able to finish deputation because of the circumstances; but God knows, and we are waiting on His guidance.

Baby Dedication

Most churches hold a Baby Dedication service on Mother’s Day, but our church wasn’t having in-person services at that time. Victory in Grace, our sending church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, reopened back in May. On Father’s Day, Landon was publicly dedicated to the Lord. It was an honor to celebrate my first Father’s Day in such a special way. Kellie and I do not take Landon’s upbringing lightly. We are already praying for the day that he will personally trust Christ as his Saviour.
The ladies of the church also threw Kellie and Landon a surprise baby shower after the service that Sunday night! Kellie had no idea, and Landon received some really nice gifts. Thank you to everyone who has blessed us with gifts, money, and gift cards. Landon is already so loved.

Helping Out

I had the opportunity to help Pastor Ed Cain of First Baptist Church in Macon, Illinois, with advice on their new media setup. He also asked me to preach for their online service. Preaching to a camera with an auditorium full of empty pews was a strange experience. I commend pastors for staying faithful to their pulpits by having online services these past few months.

New Mailing Address

Our residential address has not changed, but we have decided to set up a “business” mailbox with UPS. Please update your records accordingly. We will be keeping this mailbox once we move to Tanzania as well.

Montana Morrow
5001 – 1St Avenue Southeast
Suite 105
Box 213
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Our September calendar is filling up quite nicely. Two of our three previously canceled meetings have been rescheduled. I would love to fill up our schedule until Thanksgiving. Lord willing, we will be able to finish deputation this year.

Kellie is getting anxious to have a house to call home. Living out of suitcases is definitely not easy. We are so thankful that we were able to secure a rental house during our seven-month trip to Tanzania back in 2018. We can’t wait to see the finished construction of the house, move in, unpack, and start working in the ministries of Faith Baptist Church.

Your missionaries to Tanzania,

Montana, Kellie, & Landon Morrow