Missionary #6506 Special-Request Letter: Help Them Hear!We who love God’s Word have been extraordinarily blessed by it. Imagine growing up in a country where the average citizen has never seen a Bible or heard a single quote from it. Team Eurasia is offering you the opportunity to help us make a difference in a land that is more than 99% Muslim.

We have already developed a website, granting people in this country free access to the New Testament. We are using a translation that is from the majority text manuscripts and follows the King James Bible as a guide. With this website, people can read God’s Word online, search it, or even download a free copy of it for themselves.

One observation, however, that has been repeated to us again and again is that the people here have an audio-learning culture. Many of the people who read very little are far more likely to listen to something that has been audio recorded. We are reminded that “. . . faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

A Christian radio station is willing to record the New Testament professionally in their own studio. The audio files will then be added to our site. This is going to cost us about $40 per chapter. Perhaps individuals would be willing to sponsor one chapter or even more. Perhaps a church or a business could cover the cost of an entire book (For example: Sponsor Philippians for $160 or I Timothy for $240).

Our team believes in this project. We will be giving substantially to it from our own support. If you act early, you could choose the chapter or book for which your gift will be responsible. As the chapters begin to be assigned, we will tell you which alternate chapter you sponsored. If more than the necessary $10,400 is donated, the balance would be used on the corresponding phone app, currently under development, or the printing of QR code cards and other methods to drive traffic to the site.

Send your donations to us through FBMI #6500, and write “Help Them Hear” in the memo. To choose your chapter or book, email us at mabwgm@protonmail.com.