Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: What an Incredible Privilege It Is to Serve GodIt’s hard to imagine the incredible privilege is it to serve with God on the mission field. When serving in a spiritual war zone over a period of time, the fog of war can hinder one’s view of God. From time to time, one may find it difficult to see what God is doing on a mission field. As John the Baptist was put into a fog of war when placed behind bars, he began to reevaluate and question what God was doing. There is quite a contrast when having the freedom to preach to those who hunger and thirst for God’s Word and then preaching to those who are blinded by many layers of ignorance and lies. Not being able to see God move in hearts to the same degree as those who love His Word is like a spiritual prison, and one could wonder if God is doing any work behind the scenes. As Jesus sent messengers to tell John the Baptist all that God had done, God has likewise used our short trip to America to remind me that He has always been with me, even though at times my heart fails to see His work through the fog of war.

Thank you for your prayers concerning our trip back to the States. My daughter was able to lead a cousin to the Lord. I was given the opportunity to share the Gospel with over 100 children at an award ceremony. The messages that God laid on my heart to preach seemed to be divine appointments that were expressed to me after the service. We were able to help my mother-in-law through various projects that needed to get done. We had a need for more computers for the ministry, and our trip back to the States provided us the opportunity to bring back what we needed. It was amazing to see God’s provision and power during our trip! During all this time, I was probably hit with every virus that I missed in the last two years away from the States, but God’s grace was sufficient!

My mother-in-law recently had the high-risk surgery she needed. The surgery was successful, and she is currently in recovery. There are still concerns for her health, especially if she continues to smoke. Many years ago, she made a profession of faith in Christ but never came faithfully to church where she could spiritually grow. Please pray that God would do a work in her heart, both physically and spiritually. We love her and pray God would open up her eyes to how much she is loved by Him.

Thank you for those who have prayed about learning the language. Recently, I decided to invest a little more money into hiring a professional language teacher. I feel that at this point I am making better progress in the language as a result. Please pray about the Mastermind Conference that we are hosting on September 18 &19. The majority of the delegates will arrive on the 15th. There are around 26 registered. I am praying that God would use this conference not only to bring encouragement to those who work on a difficult field, but that God would use the experience and advice of veteran servants to stir up new ideas and unseen opportunities that would result in more fruit that remains on the field.

I am truly thankful for your prayers and support. Although at times we may not see the work of God directly, God has a way to give us a message that He is still working behind the scenes! We love you and pray for you. May God find us faithful and in fellowship with Him when He comes for us shortly!

Missionary #6506