Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: We Serve an Amazing God!We serve an amazing God! There is no greater privilege than trusting and proving the faithfulness of God at His Word! Why are we so slow to trust Him!? The past couple months have been filled with an abundance of God’s blessings! To start off, the Lord has provided for us a place to stay for over two months instead of our typical one- to two-week stay at a prophet’s chamber. We have been able, to some degree, to function as a family and, to some extent, have a consistent schedule. God has moved my heart to take an hour of time each morning with my three oldest children, and we have had many great moments together studying God’s Word, with each day being a different theme. I have always felt that if we can come together for the purpose of food three times a day, we can use that time to feed on the Word of God as well! Having a temporary home base has allowed us to enjoy more frequently our time together as a family around God’s Word. Praise God for His Word! It has the power to make a difference!

God has been so thoughtful of our simple needs! My oldest son needed extensive dental work, and the timing was perfect to be in one place for as long as we stayed. God blessed us with some finances so that we could begin scheduling appointments. At first, the cost and number of appointments were greater than the time and money we had, but God worked it out that all of my son’s dental needs were met! I never once asked for a discount, but the lady at the front desk felt that she had to do everything she could possibly do to give us a discount at each appointment. One of the last procedures my son needed was two root canals, but x-rays showed his roots were not fully developed and had to wait. On the morning of one of our last appointments, they were just planning to put medicine in the roots to help them fully develop, but I was praying that God would close those root tips so they could do the root canals before we left. When we got there, I explained that we wouldn’t be back until March of next year, so they were going to try something different since the root tips were open. When the doctor checked his root tips, he discovered that my son’s root tips were closed! The doctor couldn’t believe it! During that time, he had a couple of back-to-back cancellations, allowing him to do both root canals all in the same day. Although my son had to endure five hours of dental work, God provided!

As we see God demonstrate Himself and move in the hearts of those around us, we can’t wait to see what God will do in the country where He has called us! Pray for a homeless man named Travis. God spared his life in the hospital when doctors said he should have died. God moved my heart to share the Gospel with him, and he soon found out why God had spared him. Although he is yet facing more medical complications, he knows now where he’ll spend eternity. Pray that our family would have a greater craving and thirst for His presence in our home! Pray that God would break the chains of unbiblical tradition, covetousness, and the fear of man; pray that His glory would not be hindered to come down and fill His body called the church! Pray that God would set hearts on fire in the Middle East with a passion and fervency to preach the Gospel!

Missionary #6506 and Family