Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  The Mission Field of AmericaThe last couple of months have been filled with a lot of traveling. From St. Louis to Little Rock, Texas to New Mexico, Arizona to Southern California, and now in Northern California, we are looking forward to a couple of months in one spot coming in July. Our family has been able to dig for diamonds in Arkansas, see the Grand Canyon, hike in the Sedona Canyons, and camp in the Redwood National Forest. Praise the Lord that we have a fourth grader, granting us free entry to the national parks! As beautiful as these places are, nothing is more needful and urgent than getting the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Praise God for those people who sacrifice the normal American lifestyle and choose to live a simple routine of faithful giving and prayer! All is vanity under the sun except that we learn to fear the Lord!

I had an opportunity to talk with a Muslim from Pakistan and was able to leave with him a personal letter and Gospel tract designed for the Muslim people. Please pray that Nabel would see his need for Christ and have the boldness to trust Christ no matter the cost. I have enjoyed the many opportunities to preach and share the Gospel in several places in the Southwest. As I travel more and more, I am learning that America is a mission field. While out soul winning, I was convicted by an unsaved man who grew up as a Mormon. He inquired about my occupation, and I shared with him that I was preparing to live in the Middle East. He responded with a question. “Don’t you think our country needs help? I don’t see how we can help the world if we can’t even help ourselves.” I couldn’t deny what he said, but I was able to share my testimony.

There is an opportunity that we may be able to reduce our overall monthly support needed and have a more stable way to obtain and renew visas. I have been advised that owning property may be the best option for our family to live long-term in the country where God has called us. This may be a wise investment, and I am prepared to transfer our savings into this opportunity while the currency exchange rate is still high. There are a couple of properties that are being looked into.

Some churches may not be able to take us on for support, but a one-time donation toward this property may reduce our overall support and increase our ability to obtain long-term visas. I plan to have more information in the future, but this is something I am praying about and waiting to see how the Lord leads.

Missionary #6506 and Family