Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  The Audio for the Gospel of John Is Now Available!I can remember, while serving in the military, my desire to be a part of a particular elite group of soldiers. I was always fascinated with the skills and training required to rescue people and fight through impossible situations. That desire I had was motive enough to reenlist, but God put it in my heart that He wanted me to enlist in a greater cause. I would have never thought that I would be back in the Middle East, working with some of the most elite soldiers for Christ in one of the most difficult ministries in the world. As we approach a year of serving in the Middle East, we have been encouraged as we see God bringing us great success in the work of preparation.

I am reminded of the first part of Proverbs 9:1, “Wisdom hath builded her house . . . .” Before wisdom cried out upon the highest places of the city, she first did the work of preparation. Recently, we announced a project called “Help Them Hear” to get the entire New Testament Bible professionally recorded in audio so that we can provide a way for the majority, who don’t read, to listen to God’s Word. Just having the audio recorded would cost over $10,000. In less than one month of announcing this project, we received all the funds needed to finish the recordings, develop a Bible app, and still have money to put toward printed materials and website development. What an amazing answer to prayer! The audio recordings for the book of John have been completed. We have already posted video files where one can hear and see the Scriptures read to them.

Another project that has recently started is one that expands our ministry to reach those in the States. Once a week, a new video is released that provides answers from Scripture from one who has studied the Bible for over half a century and has read through the Bible repeatedly, as many as a dozen times in one year. He covers a variety of topics that help prepare us “. . . to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you . . . .” You can find these videos on YouTube by searching “answers from scriptures” or visiting www.answersfromscripture.online.

Please pray, as we will be renewing our residential visas. We are hopeful that we can acquire a two-year visa this time. There is a possibility to get permeant residency by owning property for five years. I remember reading a section that Spurgeon wrote about the wisdom of buying property in public places. This is something that has been on my mind, and there is a property for sale within a reasonable price that is located in one of the most public areas in B___. Pray as we seek God’s will in this possibility.

Another area of prayer is about obtaining 10,000 or more copies of John and Romans. This can be a very difficult process to get that number of copies brought to this country. Pray for a lady who was recently saved in our services and for others who have heard the Gospel but have not made any decisions yet. God has given us several opportunities to share the Gospel, and the number of relationships and influence continue to increase. The longer I serve here, the more my heart is stirred to find ways to rescue the perishing in a seemingly impossible situation. Thank you for your support! I pray that as the world continues to grow darker, the light and love of Jesus Christ will shine brighter and more fervently in us!!!

Missionary #6506