Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  Pondering the Blessings of the Last Two MonthsWe have much to be thankful for! While enjoying our Thanksgiving season and reflecting on the blessings of this year, I find myself overwhelmed with how much God has blessed our family. One of the many blessings I want to highlight is the love that has been demonstrated to our family through the care and thoughtfulness of many wonderful churches. These last couple of months have been busy, to say the least, and now that the busyness is winding down, I am enjoying the time to catch up on writing thank-you letters and praying for the churches we have been to.

As I ponder the blessings these last two months, I am most thankful for the souls whom I have witnessed confessing Christ as Saviour! What a joy to behold the Spirit of God work through me and in the hearts of lost souls. Yesterday, I was especially blessed by the excitement of one such convert. She was so thankful to hear the Gospel message, and her excitement to receive Christ as her personal Saviour was a blessing to see. Another memorable experience was witnessing to a mom and her son sitting in a car parked alongside the road. They were excited to hear about the love of God, and both gladly trusted Christ as their Saviour. What a wonderful and powerful message we have!

Another blessing that I want to mention is the progress of our deputation. I am thrilled that we are within the average progress of deputation. However, I am hopeful that more churches where we have presented our ministry will still partner with us financially.

As we praise God for the blessings and liberties that we still have in our country, we should also thank God that the Apostle Paul was willing to sacrifice those freedoms and liberties to go to a difficult people in a difficult land. Thank God that he did! Asia Minor was home to some very important churches that suffered great persecution so that the Gospel would eventually reach us. However, the land that was once the Gospel light to the Gentile world continues to remain a spiritual wilderness. The millions who reside in that land today did not choose to be born there, and they continue to live in ignorance of God’s love for them. God is not a respecter of persons. The same grace that reached our lost souls is being thwarted by our lack of obedience. In many cases, the only prayers on behalf of those people in the Muslim world are the dead relatives in Hell crying out for someone to be willing to go and warn their loved ones.

Thank you for your burden for the Muslim people, your prayers, and your financial support! Continue to pray that God would lead us to churches that are prepared to support us financially as we work hard, calling to fill our schedule for next year.

Missionary #6506