Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Much to Report About What God Is Doing HereWe are so blessed to have you as a part of our ministry through your prayers, encouragement, and support. Thank you for taking the time to read this prayer letter. There is much to report about what God has been doing here. We have moved to a larger office, where we conduct our English classes and church services. God has been providing us with many new contacts, and we had the opportunity to host a Turkish family in our home. There was a special church activity, and several visitors got to see my two youngest children get baptized in a swimming pool. Some of the visitors had never once seen a baptism in their lives.

Please be in prayer for the housing arrangements of missionaries that serve here in the Middle East. A veteran missionary whom we serve with was recently asked to leave their home. After living in their rented home for the past seven years, they were told they had to leave in 30 days. God immediately provided a new place for them to stay, and they were able to secure a rental contract in a miraculous amount of time. A few weeks ago, we had some visitors with several children playing outside. When the visiting family was about to leave, a neighbor we have never met took a picture of both families together and sent a complaint to the home owner from whom we rent. Not long after the picture was taken, the rental agent who corresponds between the renter and the property owner called me, telling me to look for a new place for my family to live. They assumed all the children in the photo were ours; therefore, the property owner thought we were being dishonest about how many children lived with us. There were other accusations that were made up, and the agent suggested that we bribe the owner with paying 80% more for rent. Praise the Lord, we had a Turkish friend who ardently advocated for us, and the situation appears to be settled without any issues. Just a couple days ago, the neighbor who took the picture was speaking very kindly towards us in passing. Although we know Who is in control, pray that we might find something more stable or permanent in the future if that be God’s will.

Not long ago, I received a text message late at night that a robber had cut the electricity to the home right next to us and attempted to climb through a downstairs window. The room that the robber chose happened to be occupied. Once inside, a lady shined her cell phone light into his face and screamed, causing him to run away. Since then, the community has set up fences with barbed wire and plans for a greater security presence. If these seemingly difficult circumstances would never have happened, we wouldn’t have had as many opportunities to engage with our neighbors.

Once such difficulty gave me the opportunity to share the Gospel for two hours with a devout Muslim. As a result, he is much more open to talking about faith on a regular basis. I have had the privilege to see a veteran missionary share the Gospel on a few different occasions. I am excited to see some results of patiently sowing seeds over a period of time and to watch a young man, who is close to his Muslim father, trust Christ as his Saviour. God has led us to several quality men with great potential. Please continue to pray that God would open the gates of Hell in this country that hold captive so many people from the truth.

God has put it on my heart to keep pursuing after the possibility of operating a radio station. We are looking for someone who can produce a professional audio recording of the Bible in the language of the country we serve. Please pray for materials to be published, such as Gospel tracts and printed Bibles. There are a couple of projects underway that are in the process of translation work. Language learning is slow and steady, but I am becoming much more familiar with words and grammar. I have written four of the seven chapters in my book about deputation, and I have been also working on a Gospel tract that I am hoping will have a strong influence on some of the relationships God has given us.

Missionary #6506 and Family