Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Many Answered Prayers!It is with great joy that I am writing to you today for the many answered prayers about which I have the privilege to report! I am thrilled to represent your prayers and support for the people of Turkey and to testify of how God uses your giving and answers your prayers. This prayer letter marks a huge milestone in the completion of the Help Them Hear project. The entire New Testament has been professionally audio-recorded and has now been made available to the public. Thank you for all your giving toward this project!

There is no way to include in detail every current prayer request. However, the following is a concise list of these requests. Please pray for (1) the printing of 2,000 high-quality Bibles [we want every Gospel-preaching pastor here in Turkey to have a free copy], (2) the Bible App project, (3) equipment for a growing media ministry, (4) permission to use the Unshackled episodes that have already been translated into Turkish as a part of our online radio, (5) the possibility of finding a more permanent location for the church and ministry, and (6) God to make a way to obtain visas for fellow co-laborers, team, and church members who are not from this country.

Another big answer to prayer was that God put it on my heart to include in my last prayer letter someone’s need for a wheelchair. BEFORE my letter was sent out, a church in North Dakota felt led to give us the exact amount that it would cost to purchase a wheelchair. When the church read my prayer letter, they were hoping that some of their gift would go towards this cause. This was confirmation to go ahead with the purchase. The man was so pleased to receive the wheelchair and asked me to thank the church that provided the money. He mentioned that with his new mobility, he would like to visit our church one day!

Another answer to prayer was about a young man in whom I have invested a lot of time. In one of our meetings together, he made an offer that if I was ever planning a trip, he would be willing be assist me in any way that he could. Since that discussion, I was praying for an opportunity to take him on a trip. Last month there was an opportunity to drive into Bulgaria and pick up a family who is called to serve here in Turkey. This would be a three-day, two-night trip. I didn’t think my young Turkish friend would be willing to accompany me for two nights, but when I gave him the opportunity, he was delighted to come! It took eight hours to get to our destination, and we had a wonderful time talking about faith and the Bible. He has never gone to church in his life but was willing to attend with me the next day. The message that God laid on the pastor’s heart in Bulgaria couldn’t have been more fitting! After the message, he told me he would like to eventually start attending our church in Turkey! Pray that the powers of darkness wouldn’t thwart this hunger and curiosity for God’s Word!

Yesterday we just received news that my mother-in-law’s health is not doing well. She has to have major surgery that could happen this coming August. My wife understands that following God’s will overseas is a sacrifice, and she has expressed her willingness to continue serving through good times and difficult times even if we can’t return to the States every time something happens. However, God has supplied us with the funds to make a short trip back to the States. Now that we have finished the Help Them Hear project, we have a window of time this summer where there are no major events or activities that would hurt the ministry if we left for a month. I think it would be wise to make a short visit to the States so our family can spend time with my mother-in-law before she goes into surgery. We are planning a short trip from July 17 until August 15. I am amazed how God orchestrates all the details and logistics to fit perfectly together in situations like these. I am looking forward to how He will put this trip together in a short time frame. God is good!!! One of our biggest prayer requests is finding a vehicle to use while we are back in the States.

Missionary #6506