Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Highest Attendance Ever!We reached our highest attendance ever! At the time of this letter, we had 41 people come and attend our services this past Sunday. We had 11 first-time visitors and several who wanted to come but couldn’t make it. Between the church services, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a couple of young adults who seemed very interested and told us they would like to come back to hear more. A Pakistani family, who currently lives in a nearby city, has been attending our services. They travel three hours one way just to attend!

We have a great group of young adults and teenagers in our church who are going above and beyond to help in the ministry here. They formed a music group to play during our congregational singing and for music specials. My daughter is a part of the group and has learned to play the piano and violin. My two oldest sons are learning the guitar and trumpet and may join the music group as well. This past August, we had a youth activity that has a lot of great potential for years to come. We took a camping trip in the mountains and taught those attending both practical and spiritual survival skills. We can see this event potentially reaching a lot of young people as the word gets out.

Our latest update on the “Help Them Hear” project is that all of the gospels have been professionally audio recorded, as well as most of Acts. I just received news that the group of people whom God has used to translate a good version of the New Testament has now finished the Old Testament. We are praying that, by the end of this year, we will be able to start developing a Bible App. We have been producing materials in an attempt to separate true biblical Christianity from common religious prejudices and misconceptions. So far, we have three articles translated and posted on our website. There are visitors searching our website every day. It’s amazing to see how God is putting all these things together! We are excited to be a part of taking the Word of God to this Muslim country.

One of my acquaintances, who is a devout Muslim, recently ended our friendship once he realized my faith was unmovable. I am still praying God will do something in his life that will give me the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ towards him. I am still praying for some other close friends that I believe will soon trust Christ as their Saviour. They have never rejected the Gospel and seem to show more agreement about the truth of the Bible. It’s just a matter of taking that step of faith for them.

Although I am working daily to learn the native language, God continues to provide many opportunities to share the Gospel with those who speak English. This morning I was invited to speak at an English class with full liberty to share my faith. Praise the Lord, a lot of seeds are being planted many times throughout the week! We pray fervently that there would be a work of watering by the Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of these precious souls, that their hearing would be mixed with faith, and that their understanding would be opened to the truth! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! It’s an honor to represent Jesus Christ and those who support us on the mission field!

Missionary #6506