Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  Great Things Are Happening!Great things are happening! Your prayers have given us the fruits of favor. Relationships we started a year ago are now blossoming into friendships that have provided more effective opportunities for sharing the Gospel. One friend expressed his agreement when I shared my faith that the Bible holds God’s preserved truth and that Christ is the only way to receive God’s forgiveness. Recently, I was able to spend three hours sharing my faith with another friend. This time, their ears seemed to listen with greater conviction and understanding. I have also had the opportunity as a guest teacher at a secular language school to speak openly about my faith with the students. Through these exciting opportunities and experiences, I continue to learn about the people and culture. We are finding new ways to have an effective ministry.

Not only have we had favor with our native friends but also with native believers as well! One of the most influential Christian organizations in this country has connections with Gospel-believing churches all over. The founder of this organization is the only Christian serving in Parliament as a government representative. They have one of the most listened to radio stations, and they provide both secular news and the Good News. Unshackled is one of their most listened to radio programs. This organization has provided media support for the “Help Them Hear” project. The proofreader of this organization shared the testimony of how our “Help Them Hear” project has helped her get closer to God’s Word. She never knew about the importance of a word-for-word translation of the Bible from the TR manuscripts. She said she will never use the NIV again!

God has also given us favor with other like-minded families to work together as a team. Not long ago, a family from Mexico joined us. Please pray for this family, as they are finishing the process of acquiring their visas. I was thrilled to hear how God did the impossible to get them here, and I am encouraged to see what God will do as He continues to add to our team. Another family from Mexico, who has been serving here for over six years, is facing some financial difficulties. A large percentage of their support is from the Mexican peso. Please pray that maybe God would move the heart of an American church to give them some added support. They are so vital to the ministry here.

In the midst of economic instability, I am so grateful for the sacrifice of God’s people to maintain support for missionaries all over the world. Our family has not suffered any loss of support, but we are trying to prepare for the potential difficult times ahead. I remember that during the 2008 recession, pastors had to make very difficult decisions. Now we are going through an even more difficult economic time all over the world. Please pray that God would give all of us the wisdom to find creative ways to maintain His work.

The more I learn about the culture and people, the more amazed I am at how God knew beforehand how much I would love serving here. God has been so good to our family! Since we have been living here, we have never felt more protected, provided for, and prayed for than at this time in our lives. Please pray that God would show us how to “draw the net” for many who have heard the Gospel. Continue to pray, as we are experimenting with new ways to spread the Gospel, and pray that God will continue to give us favor with key relationships that will spread the Gospel even farther. Thank you for your prayers!

Missionary #6506