Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: God Has Done So Much in Such a Short Time!Words cannot describe my appreciation for your prayers and support. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving, which enables us to serve, and in praying, which strengthens us to keep serving. I am humbled that God would allow me to serve Him in the land where the term “Christian” began. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to walk where the Apostle Paul walked and stand in the area where he preached to thousands. I wonder if the same spiritual thunder that shook the hearts of thousands would once again awaken the hearts of millions. I would not doubt at all if this country was still the land where Satan’s seat resided. The strongest satanic efforts that keep people from the Gospel seem to be in full motion. Not only do they claim a lukewarm version of Islam outwardly, but inwardly they are consumed by Western materialism and Eastern superstition. I am fully persuaded that God has the love, power, and wisdom to reach these people, but are we willing to fast and pray for His will to be done?

There is no possible way to fit all the answered prayer and blessings into this prayer letter. God has done so much in a short period of time. We have obtained the residency permits that we need. I set a budget for a vehicle before leaving America and learned that used vehicles here do not lose much of their value, unlike in the United States. We found a type of vehicle that I was praying to get and found an owner who agreed to take exactly my budget in U.S. dollars. God provided us with a home to rent that overlooks the sea and is big enough to accommodate guests. Not long ago, we had a family stay in our home for a couple of weeks for their survey trip. Please pray for this precious family, as they will face some big obstacles in their efforts to serve in this country. The bigger the obstacle, the greater the opportunity for God to be glorified!

Many relationships are growing. God has given us favor in the eyes of several people, for whom we pray often. Next week I will be taking language classes eight hours per week from a private tutor who has already visited our church. I have purchased some curtains from a local business owned by a couple that we visit often. There’s a young man I have met through social media, to whom I plan on teaching English when he moves near our location. He is looking forward to visiting us at our home. One of my younger sons took his Bible over to our next-door neighbor while he was outside, and my son was trying to witness to him. My oldest son has been talking with a different neighbor, and that neighbor has taken a liking to him. He has told my son of his interest in scheduling a time to meet with me. God has allowed us to make several connections with people who already speak English. Praise the Lord!

Please pray that we can find a larger area for rent, which is easily accessible by public transportation, to accommodate more people in our church services. Please pray about possibly obtaining some property in our name so that we can eventually apply for permanent residency. Also pray about God’s wisdom to reach the most amount of people effectively in the safest way to preserve our ministry’s longevity. Please pray about a book I am writing to help and encourage people planning to go on deputation.

If you would like more detailed updates and prayer requests, please email me with the email that is printed on our prayer cards, and I will securely provide you with more information. I also want to open up our home to you if you would like to visit this mission field. If you can get here, we’ll take care of most everything else as the Lord provides. God led us to supporting churches all over the U.S., and it would be difficult to visit all of them in a single furlough. However, if some churches would be willing to send a family that is willing to give a report on our behalf by staying with us for a week or two, this may help resolve this issue. I pray for our supporting churches often and want God to increase a warlike strength to reveal the fullness of Christ against the growing powers of darkness in this world today. May your hearts burn with a fervency to lift the name of Christ!

Missionary #6506 and Family