Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Faith in the Power of PrayerPraise the Lord for His guiding hand! The first half of June was becoming a growing concern as the month approached. We had two weeks on our calendar without a place to stay. I spent a lot of time trying to find any available prophet’s chambers, but to no avail. God has always provided for us, but my confidence was facing a charge of questions. Right after our last in-person meeting in May, the pastor of that church gave me the contact of an evangelist who is now pastoring a church in Georgia. He had been in many prophet’s chambers in the area where we were looking to stay. Not only did he help us find a place to stay for those two weeks, but he also provided several contacts of pastors, which turned into good meetings! Praise the Lord! Our financial support is increasing!

These past two months have been a battleground in my soul between the social fears that bring governing restrictions and the liberty to share the Gospel. I have been more burdened to share the Gospel in a time like this more than ever. My heart’s cry has been continually, “Give me a spiritual child lest I die!” Although I crave the opportunity to be a harvester of souls, God has provided many opportunities to be a sower of His Word. There will be times God will send someone across my path just to buy them a meal, share what I can, and leave them with a tract. I have gone out into neighborhoods praying, handing out tracts everywhere we go, and sharing the Gospel several times with those outside their homes. Not long ago, our family was hit with a sickness that, for the sake of even attending church, I felt I needed to get a COVID test, which, thankfully, was negative. Social tension and fear are hindering even the least sick person to come to the house of God, where normally righteous members would pray over sick people. Now just a cough keeps people at home!

Before writing this very paragraph, I had to stop writing my prayer letter and ask God if He would allow me to be a witness of someone trusting Christ as their Saviour so I could share a soul-winning story. It was already getting late with the sun setting, but I wanted to see if God would answer my prayer and lead me to a lost soul. I drove around some neighborhoods, praying for them and asking the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone. As I was driving back into the parking lot of where we were staying with no events to share, I decided to praise God for allowing His desire in my heart for lost souls to increase my boldness of sharing the Gospel. As I was praising the Lord, I noticed my children outside playing with a ten-year-old neighborhood boy. I went out to play with them for a while and had the wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel. The boy had never heard the Gospel before and was eager to receive Christ as his Saviour! Right after he called on Christ to save him, his mom came to bring him in for the evening, and I came back inside to finish this prayer letter. Praise the Lord!

Please pray that God would continue to give favor and opportunity to present the ministry of reaching the Muslim people in the Middle East. God has recently blessed us with another supporting church just from dropping in! We also found out some personal friends of ours, whom we have known for years, have been financially supporting us! Thank you for your prayers! As my faith in the power of prayer continues to grow and increase, I hope yours is growing and increasing as well! If prayer puts me on the front-row seat to watch God do the impossible, I want to be there all the time! We love you and pray for you as well! Thank you for the opportunity to represent your sacrifice for the people in the Middle East!

Missionary #6506 and Family