Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: English Student Gets SavedNot long ago, it seemed that Israel was improving their relations with the Middle East, but in one event, everything has changed. It’s amazing how quickly and suddenly things can fall in line with Scripture. Time will tell how this will affect us as Americans in the Middle East. The political stance here is that the West is to be blamed for the Israel-Palestine conflict. We have been warned by the embassy to avoid large public gatherings of any sort, as they can be unpredictable and dangerous. Although we are taking extra precautions for the safety of our families, we are also reminded, with a more sense of urgency, to strive more for the Gospel’s sake.

One of the English students who was attending classes for years finally trusted Christ as his Saviour. Thanks to your support for the Help Them Hear project, God used these resources to help him come to know Christ. Now we are praying for the salvation of his wife. Another English student was asked to leave her job and was facing an uncertain future. I told her that I would start praying that God would give her the best job that she was able to apply for. Not long ago, she was convinced that God had answered my prayer! She applied for many jobs; one in particular was more of a hopeful wish, but that’s the job where she is now working. The job moved her to a different city, but my daughter and I still have classes with her online. As I’m writing this letter, I was invited to a conference that is being held in the very city where she now lives, and she is willing to attend the conference with me. She has heard the Gospel many times, but I am hopeful that someone from the church there would make a good connection with her, especially one who is native to the country.

Thank you for praying for the Missions Mastermind. The main focus of the conference was a specific answer and confirmation of prayer. I have considered the possibility of hosting missions trips that would not only benefit those considering the mission field in difficult countries but would create an opportunity of outreach that couldn’t be done without a group being sent. This summer, we already have a group of young people coming that could potentially reach a lot of people!

Thank you for praying for the various people God has led us to know personally. The man for whom we were able to provide a wheelchair has come to our church a couple of times already! Praise the Lord! God is working in hearts! We must keep praying!

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for our family to invite students and friends over for a meal. Pray that God would use this event to further the Gospel! There are a lot of things going on in need of prayer. The Bible App is in its testing phase. One of my many visions of ministry here is to compile testimonies of Muslim’s becoming Christians. If you are aware of testimonies like these, I would be interested in arranging a safe way to make these resources available to the Turkish people. By the end of this year, we should have some extra funds made available to have an internet radio station. Pray about the progress of the video project that provides a visual resource of the New Testament.

Our family is doing well. Z___ had his eleventh birthday recently. Thank you to all those who reached out through email to make his birthday that much more special. He enjoyed reading each one. It seems that residency visas are becoming more of an issue, but we won’t cross that line until next March. However, other friends here are struggling to find creative ways to stay in this country. Maybe, if one of you get the chance to lead Elon Musk to the Lord, God could use him to keep everyone here through investment. One of the most influential families serving with us is trying to raise $150,000 because they were told they have to apply for a different type of visa next time. We haven’t been told that yet, but I am looking into different options ahead of time. This might be a big challenge for us, but it is a small thing for God.

Missionary #6506