Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Big Projects Are Taking PlaceThank you for your investment in the Middle East. God has used your prayers and support to make good progress towards some big projects that are taking place. The first major project that has been completed is the publishing of a website that gives access to a solid translation of the New Testament and a clear presentation of the Gospel in the native language. I recently finished an in-depth Gospel booklet in English that is more specific to this culture. Please pray about this booklet, as it is currently being translated, and for wisdom in how this can be best distributed. There are plans for a video production of this booklet, since many people here are not readers but are very story and visually oriented. We are also currently searching to hire someone to do an audio recording of the New Testament in the native language. We found and asked a native speaker here, who has confessed Christ as his Saviour, if he would be willing to help, but he was very nervous about having his voice publicly reading the Bible. I am praying that God will lead us to the right people in His timing. Once this recording is finished, we would be in a position to consider having a radio station. God has recently supplied us with the funds to purchase some equipment that will enable us to keep pursuing these projects.

Please pray for our Thanksgiving Day. The people here are curious about American traditions, and this holiday may give us an opportunity to invite several people into our home. I am hopeful that this event will allow us to share the Gospel and leave each guest with a gift that includes a Bible and Gospel materials.

Please continue to pray about our language studies. I have a great teacher, but it seems that this is a much slower and difficult process than what I expected. God has blessed us with many English-speaking friends, with whom I have been able to share the Gospel.

Please continue to pray for our housing situation. God has blessed us with a beautiful home that we are currently renting far below what rent prices are in the USA. My hope is that we will be able to stay in our current location for at least another year, but as foreigners, anything can change.

Your prayers are important to us, and we love hearing from you. Our two youngest boys have had a birthday since our last prayer letter, and we thank all those who made their birthdays more special by reaching out to them! I am making good progress on a book that I am writing about our deputation experience. My plan is to have it finished by the end of this year—only two more chapters left to write!

It seems that our new church location, the new website, the new materials, the new relationships, and the new opportunities are coming together. There is so much potential in this country with God’s help. Please pray with me for revival in this country; pray that God would shine the light of His countenance on their hearts. Pray that God would give us wisdom to preach the Gospel with fervency and earnestness to the masses. Pray that God would allow us to cross paths with key people who can be used to preserve and protect a growing ministry. Pray for more relationships and opportunities to pour out the love of Christ. Pray that we may find native men who would be filled with a burning desire to serve God with their lives as pastors and messengers of the Gospel. Pray that we remain steadfast and unmovable! Thank you for your prayers!

Missionary #6506 and Family