Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: Answered Prayers!Thank you for praying for the requests mentioned in the last letter! The man who was continually getting hindered from traveling finally came and trusted Christ. The lady who broke her foot recovered enough that she made it to church last week with her family. The English classes that I have started teaching have opened up many new opportunities to share my faith. God has answered some very specific requests as a result of these classes. Although I am in decent health, my first prayer request was to find ways to be more physically active. It takes me an hour to get to these classes through public transportation, and part of the journey is walking uphill. The next specific prayer request that God answered was to increase my personal witnessing, which God has done through these classes, and the third request I had was more opportunities to practice my Turkish. God is a prayer-answering God!

In the last prayer letter, I wrote how there seemed to be a lot of spiritual resistance to the work here. One major incident that happened shortly after I sent out the letter was that one of the families on our team was told to leave the country in 10 days. They left the country for a day and quickly applied for a 30-day tourist visa to come back, and they are now trying to find a different way to stay in the country. They decided to try to apply for a student visa by enrolling in a university. There are still a lot of hindrances that keep coming up, but they have been faithful. God has used all of these difficulties to allow them to cross paths with a young man in the university who was led to the Lord last week! Please keep praying for them, as they only have a few more days to get approved for their student visa.

Another more recent hindrance is that the home owner we are renting from said that he plans to sell the house, and we now have just two months to find a new place to live. Pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment in navigating through this process. We are very well aware that God is able to take all of these hindrances and use them for good. I am looking forward to sharing what God will do in our next prayer letter!

The Help Them Hear project was hindered for a month when one of the main project workers had to have surgery and then was hit with COVID. She is now fully recovered and recently sent me an email expressing how this project is such a blessing to her. Faithfulness is the key to turning all of these infirmities into victories! Keep praying that God will strengthen us to be faithful with might in the inner man!

Thank you for all of the Christmas and New Year’s emails! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s! I pray that as we see the day of Christ approaching, we would stir each other up to pray more fervently than ever before, preach more passionately, and fight harder to keep the unity of peace between the brethren. I pray that we would forget those things that were done in 2022 and reach forth to the new victories that lie ahead in 2023. May all of us be found faithful in this new year!

Missionary #6506