Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: The Reach of Your Support and Prayers Is Growing!Fruit in Afghanistan: F___ is now bringing seekers with him. M___ has begun preparing simple devotions in our study classes and much more.

“Brother, could you create a separate Skype channel for our weekly Bible studies?” F___ said. “I have NINE friends who want to hear about Jesus, but they are nervous about joining the main group for fear of exposing their identities.” Naturally, M___, my Iranian working partner, rushed to accommodate. This is rare, OUTSTANDING news! F___ is a young Afghani man who trusted Christ through our ministry late last summer. As he has steadily grown over the last eight months, he has gained a burden for his fellow countrymen. Try to envision a man in a country where he could be executed for merely possessing a copy of the Bible. Now picture that same man gathering seekers to himself at great personal risk . . . where he coordinates a meeting so that these friends could hear the truth about Christ. I am greatly humbled at the love and courage this man has for others and the FEARLESS tenacity he is showing in a country filled with Taliban extremists. PLEASE pray that God would reward this faith with souls to F___’s account—and yours.

Some of you will remember M___’s face; he was one of the men featured in our Christmas video greeting from Afghanistan five months ago. M___ recently began bringing a brief devotional to our Farsi language studies every Sunday. M___ has shared truths learned out of Psalm 10 and Psalm 13. He then takes prayer requests from the other students. They pray together before the main preaching segment. M___ has shown a thirst for the Bible and an understanding that is steadily growing. The Holy Spirit is working among our Afghani people. How wonderful it is to see God work in ways that only HE can do.

Meanwhile, Pastor G___ is having regular contacts through our Egypt for Christ ministry in Cairo. G___ is contacted through the website, where we offer Gospel-preaching radio in Arabic, 24/7. We post apologetics articles specially geared to our Muslim friends. Pastor G___ preaches online as well. When we are contacted through a local social media venue, we get acquainted and carefully screen these seekers for the protection of our workers. Pastor G___ has met a number of these men face to face at city cafes, with the goal of seeing them won to Christ and brought into the church. Three men—A___, K___, and I___—have requested and received Arabic New Testaments. They have followed up with Bible questions. Another seeker, A___ M___, asked for the entire Bible, and is quickly establishing a relationship with the pastor, asking important questions. Please pray for these men by name, and ask for God’s grace and protection as the Holy Spirit draws them.


• Pray for my wife, who has had a pinched nerve in her left arm which keeps her awake at night. We are seeking wisdom.
• THANK YOU to several who have helped us financially with broadcast expenses AND supplies for our Egypt trip. We are
taking gifts of encouragement to overseas pastors AND 125 pounds of Arabic New Testaments—impossible . . . without your help! God bless you!
• Pray that God would protect us during and prosper our upcoming trip to Cairo.
• We have put together a TV commercial to help reach the Arab community in the greater Dearborn/Detroit community. D___ G___, a dear missionary friend, is spearheading this. I engineered much of the technical/creative content. Please ask the Lord to prosper his efforts. We are both pulling on the same rope!
• Please ask God to prosper a Bible college curriculum translation (into Farsi) that has been underway in Turkey for the past year. We have funded a good part of it. My dear friend, M___ G___, has overseen this.

Missionary #6505