Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Salvations in Afghanistan!My Wife Is Recovering . . .

Though we have some marvelous news to share, I want to open this month’s letter with a special prayer request, one for my wife. Two weeks ago, she tested positive for COVID. What seemed like a cold turning into strep throat actually proved to be the virus; she got very sick and spent the day in the ER. She was given a bamlanivimab infusion (I can’t pronounce it either; they call it a “BAM IV”). She was also given a steroid regimen, which has been a blessing (and also a curse, with terrible side effects). Some of you, no doubt, know what I am talking about. Praise the Lord, she has begun improving. After fainting in the ER waiting room and seeing an SpO2 reading of 88%, she is now breathing easier, with readings averaging 96%. Her coughing and headaches are gone. The kids tested positive as well, but they have shown virtually no symptoms. I had my bout with the virus last fall and tested negative this time. God is so good to heal our diseases, as He assures us in Psalm 103:3. Please continue to pray, as this virus is very unpredictable.

Salvations in Afghanistan . . .

For close to 30 months, God has enlarged our outreach to three specific countries, with a fourth effort (Egypt) under development. Thanks to my partnership with two Persian pastors, we have been able to make accelerated headway into the country of Afghanistan. Using encrypted video streams for one-on-one Bible studies, God has allowed us to see TWO AFGHANI MEN TRUST CHRIST this month! Oh, how we have prayed for this day (and the days to come)! H___ is the older gentleman, and “D___” (his new name) is the younger man. Our job all along has been to water and plant, knowing that God would give the increase! These men, and literally thousands like them, have been able to hear the radio on our websites, follow the video lesson plans and apologetics articles, and then contact us with questions. Of these, true seekers enter into teacher-student relationships with us. God has been kind to once again bless His principle of sowing and reaping! Please rejoice with us, as we could not have seen this day come were it not for your faithful prayers and support. Our next step is to see these men discipled and trained to serve. Please pray that God will raise up servants in these men who will take the Gospel to their people. We are pressing forward and asking that you continue praying and giving as God enables. We now greatly need to locate an underground church in the Kabul area, pastored by a godly national. Please pray that God sends him to us soon.

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505

PS. My son has a special update of his own below. My daughter will write next month!

Hi Everyone!

This is J___. I am 16 years old now, and my dad has asked me to drop a note in this month’s prayer letter. I have been staying busy by helping in numerous ministries in our host church: I get to help with the livestream services, soul winning, and cleaning the auditorium with my family each week. I get to take videos with my drone, which is fun. I travel with dad regularly to Dearborn to Muslim communities for visitation. We saw a man saved recently! My studies are going well. In my spare time, I mow lawns and do odd jobs to save for my future.

My mom, sister, and I all tested positive for COVID the week before last. Dad had it last fall and is okay. My mom got sicker than the rest of us, but she is starting to get better. Please pray for her. I pray for our supporting churches frequently. Please let me know if I can pray for a need or if you’re a teenager who might want to send an email. I’ll be sure to answer.

Your friend,