Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: God Is Attaching More Names to Our EffortsHello, this is J___. Last Saturday, my husband, daughter, and I went soul winning. It was a gorgeous day! Because of COVID, we were leaving tracts on doors and talking to people we prayed God would send our way. My daughter and I saw a grandmother sitting in a car, watching children play at the local park. We struck up a conversation with her; her name was D___. I asked her if she knew whether or not she would go to Heaven when she died; she said she had no idea. I was able to present the Gospel to her, and within 20 minutes, she had trusted Christ. Praise the Lord!

I love my family very much. Are we a “perfect” family? Definitely not! I have learned while in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States, during good times and bad times, our family knows that we love each other. We have two teenagers—and they are definitely teenagers! They have their moments.😊 They’ve gone through many changes for being so young and are growing up so quickly, but they both love and serve the Lord. My husband and I thank God for the family we have. Thank you for praying for us! Love in Christ, J___.

I promised last month that I would ask my family members to share their hearts with you over the next three months. The kiddos will be writing to you in April and May! Thanks to your prayers and generous giving, we are beginning to see God attach more names to our efforts. In Morocco, K___ has a new Bible in hand to grow in faith (I believe it’s the first Bible he has ever owned). Two other men, H___ and A___, are being witnessed to at present through social media. In Dearborn, M___ is a man recently reached through our ministry. He is from the country of Yemen. And in Afghanistan, we have numbers of people reaching out to us from Kabul and the neighboring cities; please pray for A___, M___ A___, S___, Z___ (a woman—rare for a woman to reach out directly to us), and A___.

Only God knows the exact numbers of people who have made decisions for Christ; this is exciting, daunting, and at times frustrating, since our goal is always to reach people and then disciple them to reach others (we use select forms of video software for this purpose). God has sent us a Persian man who lives in Australia—I will call him M___. He is a well-trained, fundamental Baptist, Bible college graduate, who works carefully with contacts from Afghanistan.

We can praise God that we now have men of God with Arabic-, Farsi-, French-, and English-speaking backgrounds, witnessing to and discipling visitors from all three Muslim countries and communities we are reaching. God is amazing to make the impossible possible by knocking doors where door knocking is forbidden. To date, we have seen a total of 375,000 people click across all 3 stations to learn more about Jesus, God incarnate—not just Jesus “the Prophet!” In the last 30 days, we have seen 23,600 people from the war-torn country of Afghanistan reach out to us; in that same period of time, 4,648 people have listened to our Persian-language radio station.

Four Time-Sensitive Prayer Requests:
• It costs roughly $1,200 a month to operate these three growing works. Thank you for giving as God enables.
• I have a CT scan scheduled for Monday, March 15, to check my arteries for blockage; my heart ultrasound showed my heart is strong, praise the Lord! However, the EKG showed my heart is not getting enough oxygen. Please pray for an accurate evaluation and appropriate treatment. The Devil does not want this work to prosper.
• Please pray for Holy Spirit power and discernment as we respond to outreach from seekers every day. We need wisdom where (and on whom) to spend themost time and the conviction of God’s Spirit to work. These are people STEEPED in a hellish religion of lies, and the Devil does not relinquish control easily.
• Please pray for a hedge of protection around our family and work. We face oppression constantly; we need your prayers.

Missionary #6505