thumbnail of M6505 September Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Breakthrough--Eight Trust Christ This Month in the Country of Afghanistan!Newsletter“As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” (Proverbs 25:25)

The news that makes headlines in Heaven is NEVER the same as what the world calls “newsworthy.” What a blessing that our headline is so much better! This past week, we were able to see EIGHT PEOPLE trust Christ in Afghanistan! Late last month, I mentioned that we were seeing many thousands of people reach out to us through social media as the Taliban assumed leadership in that country. I am blessed to partner with a Persian man named M___, who labored many hours guiding seekers through a live, six-part Bible study that clarifies the true Jesus of the Scriptures. These eight people were able to hear the Gospel in their native tongue and patiently listened through six days of sessions. They prayed and asked questions, with the knowledge that a rifle butt could crash against their doors at any time. That is not hyped-up melodrama: the Taliban have been searching homes and checking mobile phones at regular intervals; if they find Bible apps or sites like ours in the browsing histories, they have usually been executed on the spot. Thanks to God’s love for these people, M___ was able to lead these eight people to Christ (I heard them all repeat the sinner’s prayer, and I heard tears of gratitude from several as they did.) Please let this event TESTIFY to the effectual, fervent prayers and faithful monthly giving you have chosen to do! See how eternity has been impacted as these souls are also credited to your account. May this only be the beginning. PRAISE God for all that He is doing! Please pray as we intensify our efforts and pray down results that only He can bring.


• Our radio/school website to Cairo ( is 80% complete; please pray for continued refinements that anticipate the needs of these people. Pray for Pastor G___, who will be heading up this work on the ground, and Brother D___ in Dearborn, a wonderful ally reaching Muslims on two different fronts.
• We are making great strides with my weekly preaching schedule to a growing group of Iranians. Last week, a regular participant named “R___” invited a friend to hear the Gospel. He was moved and asked if he could bring his wife this week. Please pray that God would bless this and future meetings. We plan to add a second service each week at the beginning of November.
• The second week of October, I will be traveling to meetings in the South. I will have meetings in Delaware and New York State as well. Please pray for these meetings, as I look forward to updating many of you and raising new support, as the Lord allows.
• I am considering a trip to Egypt in January of next year, where I hope to meet with the pastor who will be supervising our radio work on the ground; we will have training sessions, and I am excited to witness the church work he is doing. Please pray for the funds to make this trip (approximately $4,000).
• Please pray for a church home for these new Afghani converts. I am working with an influential man who may be able to help me in this area. He has helped relocate a number of Afghani Christians to safety (inside the country) after two pastors were murdered in cold blood by the Taliban. Their families need comfort; pray for God to help them.

Thanks to the blessed hand of God, we reap in due season when we faint not. Thank you again for being steadfast in support for the people of Dearborn, Morocco, Afghanistan, and now Egypt. They know a Christianity that is far more complicated than the kind we know. What crowns they will receive when they see their Saviour!

Gratefully in His service,

Missionary #6505