Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter: Thanksgiving Party!November has been a very busy and blessed month. Just last Saturday, our team held a Thanksgiving party at our apartment. After hearing many reasons for being thankful, I shared Whom and what I am especially thankful for. At the end of the party, two people chose to trust Christ. A special blessing was seeing L___, who publicly chose at last year’s Thanksgiving party, sitting next to her visitor, who did the same this year! Our Father is so good and is still working!

Urgent Request

Please pray with us for a young couple that recently came here to work alongside our team. The man has already arrived, but his wife’s visa was denied. They are applying again in the next day or two. We are trusting that our Father wants her here, and we believe He can and will allow her to come!

Thursday Night

Each week on Thursday nights, we help in an assembly-sponsored English class. A couple of weeks ago as we learned about relationships in class, a lady named L___ said in English, “My father and mother believe Jesus, and I want to believe Jesus too!” We were able to invite her to our house, where my wife shared the Gospel with her. She quickly and happily chose Jesus!

That all the earth may know,

M6020 and Family