Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter:  Recent NewsDear Praying Friends,

Recently one of our friends invited three ladies to Danielle’s Wednesday night Bible study. These three—Leafy, Laura, and Jenny—are cousins. Two of them have husbands. This Sunday night they and their husbands came, and the five of them ate dinner with us before our home Bible study. During the study we were able to share the good news with them, and Jenny, who was hearing for the third time, decided to believe! They all are searching and excited about learning more about our Father and His Book. Please pray with us that the rest of them would choose to believe.

Since our return last month, my schedule has changed. In addition to English classes, I also teach classes in our “international” department, which is really an English-based Christian school! I now work a daytime schedule, so our evenings are freer. Please pray for wisdom and opportunities to use the evenings in a productive way for our Father’s kindgom!

Sincerely yours,

Missionary #6020