Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter: Opportunities to Share the GospelWe are excited that our Father has put us right where we are! He truly is good!

New Friends

I am thanking our Father for the opportunity to share the Good News with people here! Last Sunday, a visitor came. She was from a city in the West but has lived in our city for a while. It was her first time to hear the Good News clearly. She simply and sweetly chose to accept our Father’s great gift!

On a recent taxi ride, my wife was able to share with the driver. Some of his family are friends, but he had never understood that he did not have to earn our Father’s favor, just simply receive it. After our Father opened his eyes, he called out to Him during the taxi ride.

Upcoming Trip

We are excited about the opportunity to visit the States this summer. Our trip is coming up fast, and we are preparing to pass through Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. We are also planning to visit Washington, D.C., for the first time as a family. All told, our trip will be just under four weeks and include many hours of driving and stops at many assemblies along the way. Please pray for just the right mix of rest and productivity. Please also pray for safety and that we will be a blessing as we go.

End of School

Of course, our school year is almost finished, and E__ and I__’s last day of school will be June 14. We are especially thankful that I__ has learned to read this year in kindergarten. He will be graduating this week.

Phone Number

We are planning to use our normal phone number while in the States. You can call or text us directly from any phone in the States. There are no extra charges on your side. The call is just treated like any other call to another area code, as I understand it. Please feel free to contact us through email or text with any questions.

Potential Changes

Those of you who pay attention to international news are aware that our country and the States are not on the best of terms. While this may not affect us directly, we are very aware of the need for fervent prayer for our leaders, more laborers, and wisdom (James 5:16-18; I Timothy 2:1-4; Matthew 9:36-38; James 1:5).

Because of recent changes in visa requirements, we have begun looking into some different avenues for laborers to work here. Once again, please pray, especially for leading and wisdom from our Father! We love you!

That all the earth may know,

Missionary #6020 and Family
Philippians 1:3-6