Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter:  God Is Working Here!Our Father is working here! We are thanking Him for His continued goodness and unchanging mercy! Please enjoy the following list of important items of news and prayer requests:

• L___, a retired lady, went to visit her son in Australia. While there, she began attending a local assembly to help with her English. Three months later, she returned to this country, wanting to learn more about our Friend. A Mr. J___ met her and invited her to a meeting at our place. This Sunday, she came to both the morning and evening services and heard the Good News clearly. After traveling, she is planning to return in two weeks. Please pray that she will accept our Friend’s gift.
• J___ has been coming each week recently. She is desirous to believe and even asked us to pray that she will. On Sunday morning, my wife again shared the Good News with her. She was so excited to understand more. Please pray that she will choose to believe.
• I___ is a boy who lives nearby. A while ago, he chose to accept our Friend after a visit to an assembly meeting at our house. Recently, his parents, who are our friends, have allowed him to come back and learn more, which is a blessing. Please pray for his parents to hear and believe the Good News.
• I am planning to visit Ghana, West Africa, for a special meeting in November. P___, a friend from the Sunday morning meeting, is going with me. Please pray for the trip to be safe and profitable spiritually. Please especially pray for our wives and children as well!
• We have a few American friends who are planning to return here. Please pray that our Father would “set before them an open door” as they seek His wisdom in moving forward.
• We are thanking our Father for answering many prayers recently! Our school materials that were held up have now arrived. Y___, a friend who was sick and is expecting a baby, has been healing. Mrs. C___’s daughter has adjusted well to a new job. M___, who was very infirm, is now healthy and able to get a job, and she is praising our Father with every breath!
• Please pray for wisdom and direction about future plans. Also, please continue to pray for laborers to be sent by our Father into His harvest.

We love you!

That all the earth may know,

Missionary #6020