Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: We Have Reached 30% of Our Support!We are excited to share that we have reached 30% in our support. While 2020 would not have been our first choice for starting deputation, God has been actively with us every step of the way. The quarantine definitely interrupted our travel last year in a way we thought for sure would set us back. We have been praying to be finished with deputation in less than three years so that we could be in China by 2023. I thought with last year that we would be set back, but it is reassuring to know that we are still on track to finish within that timeline.

I cannot thank enough those of you who have been praying for our family. I hope it is reassuring to know that your prayers have been effectual. God has provided for us time and time again, and your prayers have been a huge part of that. Thank you for investing in us in the most important way, and thank you to every believer and church that gives faithfully each month towards our ministry.

Our family has been traveling through Kentucky all this month, and we are glad to say that in the last couple of weeks, we have had three churches take us on for support. We have not factored their support into our 30% yet, so I am excited to see that percentage go even higher.

An Unexpected Blessing

I did want to share an unconventional blessing from the last couple of weeks. It has been a matter of prayer for us since we started deputation that we would be able to fill our schedule completely with meetings at churches. I was disappointed this past month when we had a Wednesday evening without a meeting. We made the decision to travel home to Indiana that week instead of finding a place to stay in Kentucky. The Sunday before that Wednesday, my wife began to feel sick and was unable to attend the evening service. I drove the family home that Monday, as my wife suffered in the passenger seat with the flu. Tuesday morning, I came down with the flu as well, and the whole family quarantined like it was 2020. By that Friday, we were all completely recovered, and we were able to pack up the car again and make it to our next meeting on time. Naturally, we would have loved to have avoided any of the sickness, but I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that God knew we would have to cancel with a church if we had scheduled a meeting during that week. I feel that it was another reminder that God is in control of our future, and He knows better than I do. I warned you this blessing was unconventional, but it was a blessing to me to know that God is still faithfully involved during our deputation.

Prayer Requests
Please continue to pray that God would connect us with the right churches. We have enjoyed so many parts of deputation, and I have prayed that God would use us through what our ministry is right now. As much as we enjoy the fellowship and relationships created with some truly incredible servants of God, we are praying that deputation will be quick so we can dig into the weighty goals of reaching the Chinese people for Christ. Pray with us that our deputation will be expedient and that God will give us wisdom for the steps after.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013