Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Evidences of God's BlessingsAs we start a new year, it is always a great opportunity to reflect on what God has done and where He is leading us. Can I just say that God has been incredible to our little family?! We stepped out in faith to start traveling, and God has come through. While we still have further to go, we have grown and gained experiences as a family that will increase our faith for the rest of our lives. I think of how He has used so many of you in the churches we have visited to be special blessings. I’ve said before and still maintain that the best part of deputation has been the opportunity to see so many people serving God where He has put them. It’s good to be reminded that people all over are serving God with us and that we are not alone in striving to accomplish His Great Commission. With the new year, I hope we will pause to count our blessings and ask God what we can do in service for Him in 2022.

Our Children

The largest evidence of God’s blessings this past year has been our two children. They are a huge source of encouragement, and we thank you for your prayers for our little ones. Our daughter B___ shocked us by arriving three weeks early in September. She was born September 29, 2021, and she has already grown so much. My wife and I got to celebrate her first Christmas with our son W___. W___ turned two in December, and he continues to surprise R___ and me with how quickly he is learning. This Christmas was extra special for him, as he was finally old enough to understand the concept of “presents,” which he now asks for on a regular basis.

On the Road

We are still traveling and looking forward to our upcoming meetings. February and March have us traveling mostly in Ohio and Kansas. It has been a major matter of prayer that we will reach our target support level by the end of this year. We are still hovering at just under 50% and hope to announce that we have broken through in our next prayer letter. Please pray that God will help us connect to the right churches for partnership. We trust His timing and pray for His wisdom, as we will need to make some hard decisions soon about where we will begin our ministry overseas.

Please know that we pray for many of you by name and that we try to be consciously grateful for all of you who pray for us. Your prayers matter, and we hope you will continue to remember us. Prayer is where the battle begins. May we be a praying people who seek the Lord and know Him well!

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013