Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Visitors from the StatesThank you all for your faithful and consistent prayers and support and for all the cards, notes, emails, gifts for birthdays and our anniversary, and extra monies for Christmas! We are truly blessed and so greatly appreciate those of you who sacrifice and give so that we can go! Thank you! A happy Chinese New Year to everyone as well!

It was a great blessing to have two different groups come to visit. The first was a family that, Lord willing, will arrive here to live in the next few months. They came to visit different works around Taiwan for about three weeks. They were a blessing to us, and their children were such a blessing to our children. The children really enjoyed spending time together and had good fellowship together. They will, Lord willing, be locating not too far from us and will continue to be used of God here in Taiwan. We are excited for their return!

In December, two other couples came to visit as well; one of them came for a survey trip. The other couple were our teammates on the Mainland and the people we worked closely with. They were both a blessing! It was great to share missions thoughts, bounce ideas around, and pray together, as well as play games, laugh, and have fun! Thank you, FBMI, for sending the P___ over; they were a great encouragement and blessing!

A few hours after the last group left for the train station, we had our first Christmas party (one which we previously requested prayer for). God is very good, and it was great to be a part of what God is doing. Several months back, because of God’s sudden leading, I went to a university to ask if I could do an English Corner, but nothing ever became of it. Then this fall, Mrs. C___, the English dean at the university, called and requested a Christmas activity. Shortly after, we agreed to host one at the college. She then asked if we would also like to have one at a vocational high school. Pastor C___ let me know that they had money given specifically for school ministry, which he hoped we could use for the purpose of prizes, etc. We were able to have some nice prizes and such for the games. Our family gave each person a tract with the Gospel, along with some treats. However, the night before the college party, C___ texted me, saying that some of the students were afraid of the potential religious nature of things. But the Lord even used that to make it better. I gave a disclaimer before we showed a short film, allowing anyone to leave if they would like—nobody left, which was what we had prayed for, so everyone there heard the Gospel.

During the vocational-school party, the video about Jesus wouldn’t play, so I just spoke instead. The response that we got was very, very positive, and we were able to make several contacts. Between the two parties, there were 123 students’ names on the sign-in sheet, not including teachers, assistants, and even some students in an adjoining room. Please pray that the seeds planted would bring forth fruit and that souls would be saved. I am encouraged to think that some plant, some water, and God gives the increase.

Also while out one morning at a quiet spot, I saw M___, an older foreigner from France, walking by. He was here for the Chinese New Year. I had seen him last year and had given him a tract, but this time I was able to witness to him. He is living in sin and may not have much longer to live. Please pray with me that God will work in his heart as well.
Praise the Lord that we also had a part in a lady named Y___ getting baptized. She was the lady we mentioned in a prayer letter awhile back. Bro. I___ and I had been able to help with moving furniture and some things for her and her father. God has been giving her victory in some areas of her life. Pray for her health and the terrible back pain she deals with.

Please pray for the many seeds planted, whether through tracts, witnessing, or group Gospel presentations. We praise the Lord that HE is still working, and we are thankful for your allowing us to partner with you in the work. Keep up the great work in your place of service! You’re the best!

In His service,

Missionary #6011