Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  The GOD News

The Good News

Friday we were able to get the residence permit (visa) for our newborn son, so now he has all of the paperwork to be legal. Praise God for that!

Some Other Exciting News

Friday, we were also able to purchase airline tickets to return for a short trip to the U.S. from the end of July to the beginning of September, a total of about five weeks. Praise God for that! If you are interested in seeing us, please contact us.

The GOD News

Last week, the college told me that they will not re-issue the residence permits for the family. We felt this was God’s leading anyway, so it was not completely shocking. We had already begun making preparations to change based on prayer and counsel. However, Saturday evening local time, I got a phone call from a friend, the man helping us apply for the work visa we are changing to, and he said he had some bad news. He said that I am apparently unable, through normal channels at least, to be issued a work visa here. Obviously, this throws a kink into what we were planning, but God is in charge and knows what’s going on. My friend said that he believes other cities would be better, so please pray that God would divinely lead and direct us as to where He would want us to go (Matthew 10:23).

We love the people of China and do not wish to leave—unless God wants us to for protection, His will, etc.—but we need God’s clear direction and timing in this matter of where He wants us. We have had another city that we believe the Lord has laid on our hearts, so please pray that God would divinely open (and shut) doors, should that be His will, or direct us otherwise.

We are emailing you because we need you and God. Please pray for us! We want God’s will. He knows what is best, and we trust Him. Please pray! Would you take just a moment even now?!

Thank you and thank God for His answer! He is good all the time!

In His service,

Missionary #6011 and Family