Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Soul-Winning Partners Across the WorldWe hope that this letter finds you well! Thank you for your consistent, faithful prayers and support! Thank you also for the emails and words of encouragement! They all make such a difference.

A classmate named S___, who is from a Muslim family, saw me while I was a visiting a neighbor’s shop. I was able to help him with some Chinese translation. He then came back after a few minutes and asked me, “We have been taught that we are right in the Muslim faith, but what if on Judgement Day we are wrong—what happens to us?” Come to find out, he had read an Arabic tract I had sent him awhile back, and God had been working on his heart. We talked for probably a half hour in my neighbor’s shop, and then I invited him to our house for dinner.

At dinner, there was some small talk at the table, but you could tell he was focused on knowing the truth. (He had actually gone to a local government church searching; while there, he asked a question, after which some male congregants actually threatened his life. His family back where he grew up found out about it and threatened to come get him and bring him home if he did that again.) We finished dinner and then continued talking for another 2½ hours or so.

Not being an Arabic speaker, I was unsure of which Arabic Bible to recommend to him. I thought of someone to email as S___ sat next to me but prayed that I could have an answer a few minutes before he left my home. I then remembered a prayer card I had for Bro. D___ (missionary to Egypt), whom I had met in July while in the States for those few days. I tried calling the number on his card, and it was still his working number! I left a voice mail. I then thought, If was an Apple user, I could iMessage him. Sure enough, he immediately responded and said he could talk in a few minutes. S__ was beside me the whole time this was happening. I told him what was going to happen, and he said that it was too important a moment in life to miss. Yes, he would wait 20 minutes to talk to Bro. D___.

A bit later, we began a video chat. They spoke in Arabic for a little bit and then switched to English. Bro. D___ recommended an Arabic Bible that I downloaded as they were still talking. (By the way, it is so awesome to be used of God in soul winning, and it is unique, for sure, to have your soul-winning partner on the other side of the world, but God’s Spirit is in both places at once!)

The conversation concluded, and Bro. D___ recommended that S___ read the New Testament twice. I recommended that he read the first chapter before leaving my home, which he did. He wanted to read more and accidentally read the last few chapters of Malachi as well (Arabic is read from right to left).

The next day he needed to get some electronic work done, and I did as well; I suggested we go together. In the taxi we talked a lot and read more Scripture. He said that he was late for class that day because he had been trying to walk and listen to the Bible but kept stopping to listen intently. We talked a lot that day, and he even decided to eat ham on his own for lunch. On the taxi ride back, he was under such deep conviction.

He has been reading the New Testament and even has his best friend reading with him back home. Please pray that God will help S___ and his friend to see and accept the truth quickly. Also, pray for Bro. D___, me, and a Christian roommate of S___’s to have wisdom in answering questions. It is so exciting to be a part of God’s work. There are excellent resources out there to help us in dealing with Muslims. Islam has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING over the TRUTH!
A few churches have specifically told us that if we have a need to let them know. We are in need of a vehicle. If you have questions or would like more information, please let us know. If you give to that purpose, please mark your giving accordingly so it is directed to the proper place.

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers, especially regarding our resident permits (visas). Doing your part on the home front helps us more than you know here. You’re the best; keep on keeping on!

In His service,

Missionary #6011 and Family
Written October 12, 2018

Prayer Requests

• Visa renewals
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• Disciples and souls saved
• Boldness
• Chinese Christians and tightening restrictions
• Language fluency and learning
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