Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Praise God—We Are on the Winning Side!As some of you may be aware, the Chinese National People’s Congress will be passing several constitutional changes, among the biggest of which is clearing the way for the current President Xi (pronounced “She”) to stay in power longer than the afore-limited, 10-year term. New religious regulations were also passed that are now stricter, having taken effect on February 1. I read that China is spending more money on controlling her citizens than even on defense. Despite these things, we must remember Who holds tomorrow. In Matthew 10:16 Jesus said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” At the same time, we must also be wise—not unwise, understanding what the will of the Lord is. Would you take a few moments right now and pray that God would help us to have wisdom and boldness in these times.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, which takes place in January or February, many schools, colleges, businesses, and the government usually shut down for weeks. People usually return to their hometown and see family, as well as participate in many traditions. We are usually asked if we will return home for the holiday. My parents were able to come and visit us during the Chinese Festival/Chinese New Year. My parents did seem to have a great time, and the Lord really worked some things out for them to have a good cultural experience. We really enjoyed having them, and they were an encouragement to us and to our team as well.

Near the beginning of the break, I had seen what I thought was one of my Ugandan classmates. He stopped, and we spoke for a moment. I invited him for dinner that night (which was in about 15 minutes from then). It was the night that we wanted to have a normal appointment anyway, but the Lord had led me not to schedule one that night—I wasn’t sure why at first.

He came over, and we had supper. On WeChat (Chinese Facebook of sorts), I could see that he clearly claimed to have Christian roots. However, many Africans have a works-based salvation, and such was the case with him. As we got to talking, it was obvious that the Lord was working, and after quite some, he trusted Christ as his Saviour. Praise the Lord! I gave him a New Testament to read until we could get him an entire Bible. We set up a discipleship time. The following week, he called me about an hour and a half ahead of schedule for our discipleship time. He had some questions that he wanted to ask.

At some point in time along the way, he said something about a friend of his, also a Ugandan classmate he could bring. I told him his friend was very welcome. I had picked up my parents a few days earlier and was showing them around a little bit when I got a call from
H___, again way early, saying that he was on the way. I was not even at home yet, so I told him we would have to do it closer to our scheduled time. He had his friend with him, and he wanted to make sure we would have time.

After everyone was home and they had come, I asked my dad if he would talk to E___ about the Gospel. H___ and I had finished our time, but my dad and E___ were still talking. A little while later, they finished up and came down. One of my dad’s prayer requests had been that he would get to see someone saved while in China. I am thankful for many reasons that God answered that prayer. The harvest truly is great! Please pray for both of these men to take the next steps and continue to grow.

I am very thankful that my son M___ decided to get baptized. It was an extra blessing that my parents were here to see it.

We were able to visit one of W___’s cousins, a young girl who has a tumor. We were able to give them some small gifts from our assembly as a token of God’s love for them. Please pray that God will continue to work in their lives and draw them ever closer to Him.

Our visas are up for renewal before the month is over. Please be in prayer for this and that God’s will would be done. Pray that we will be ever more effective.

• Language acquisition for the whole family
• Team
• More laborers for the harvest
• Upcoming visa renewal
• Present and future ministry
• Wisdom and Holy Spirit fullness and boldness
• Protection

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

In His service,

M6011 and Family