Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Meeting Specific Contacts in TaipeiWe trust that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your faithful and consistent prayers and support! Thank you also for each of the birthday and anniversary well wishes, cards, emails, etc.! The best method for us is direct mailing.

We were able to go up to Taipei to visit some contacts that we were given up there. God helped us with the trip, and it was very obvious that there had been prayer involved. We decided to take the whole family and make it an adventure. We arrived safely by vehicle, and then the next morning, M___ and I went to the factory and had a spiritually profitable conversation with T__. He listened very well, and it seems obvious that he is searching, though not quite ready. Afterward, we were given a tour of their place and got a bite to eat. It was quite interesting, and we hoped that the next place would be equally so.

We headed back to the hotel, and after picking up the rest of the family, we headed to the second contact. We also got a tour of their locations and were able to share at least one tract with one of their foreign employees from Indonesia. Afterward, we were able to eat an excellent Chinese meal and explain the nature of our visit. The actual owners were out of the country and unable to be there because of circumstances with regards to COVID; thus, the folks we spoke to had never met our American contact. They did hear a Gospel presentation from my wife and me, and the wife was more receptive, having professing Christians in her family. Please continue to pray for them to believe and bring forth fruit. Having our children along did seem to help open the door for the rest of the family.

I have been able to give the Gospel to a couple of people, a young man and a lady, who came to a Wednesday service. Come to find out, the lady is having a difficult time. She is taking care of her older dad who has some memory problems. I was asked by the Taiwanese pastor if I could go over with them and help, which we arranged a few days later. I was able to witness to the dad, and the pastor was able to give him a piece of furniture. They have recently been coming fairly regularly to the services, and her dad enjoys the services. The daughter has made a profession of faith, as has her dad, although they are unsure of his comprehension level. Please pray for them.

While out soul winning, we met a deaf lady. Two of my great grandparents were deaf, so we had fun trying to communicate with her. We were able to go a few weeks later with a translator, and the lady heard a clear Gospel presentation. However, her son didn’t want her to go to church. Please pray that this lady will receive Christ.

We also met a young married man named B___ at the park, and we were able to see him again another time or two. I am praying that he will receive Christ and become fruitful in the ministry. Opportunities abound, and we are glad to be here learning. Please pray that God will always make His path straight before us.

In the month of October, our church had their Missions-Emphasis Month. They support several missionaries around the world. The focus this year was Taiwan. They had a few men in to preach who are starting or have started churches in Taiwan. We were able to host two of them in our home for lunch. It was a blessing to get to know them better!

Thank you for your faithful and consistent prayers and support! You’re the best!

In His service,

Missionary #6011 and Family