Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Gospel Still Given in the Face of a Soft LockdownThank you for your faithful prayers and support. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to represent you in Taiwan.

Because of their first wave of COVID, Taiwan decided to implement a soft lockdown of sorts. Many things were supposed to be restricted. Many churches went to online services, and real-name registration was implemented almost everywhere. Masks were supposedly required from the time you walked out your door. Despite this, the Gospel was still given. Praise the Lord!

Thankfully, our language studies have continued throughout these 2½ months of restrictions. We also took a trip as a family to the east side of the island. It was an enjoyable time as a family and was also spiritually productive, which was a prayer request of ours. One of the places we had planned to stay ended up being unscrupulous with the company we were using and was trying to go around their back. Though it would have been cheaper to go with that option, I believed that wasn’t what the Lord wanted us to do. Another option I had researched allowed us to come with no down payment and remotely let us in the door. They ended up offering us a free night to stay for one more night, but we were scheduled to leave so had to decline. However, we were able to witness and have a good talk with the host family, and our kids really enjoyed playing with other kids who weren’t family! Please pray for Willy and Jasmine. They said they saw something different in our family, which made them very open to listening to the Gospel. Praise the Lord!

Thank God for problems! The roof water pump on the house went out, requiring the landlady to call a repairman. The repairman was very nervous looking down from the top of the house, so I gave him my safety rope to use, which made him very happy. He worshiped idols, but I was able to try to explain to him that salvation through Jesus was like the safety rope—being better wasn’t going to save him. Please pray that the Lord will take and use the planted seed.

August 1st was our first Sunday service back to regular services, and there were four visitors. After the service, I was able to chase down a Catholic male visitor and try to witness to him. I had trouble understanding him. I ended up introducing him to the Taiwanese preacher, and they were able to continue the connection and witness more. I invited him to come back; and, praise the Lord, he came back the following Wednesday as well. He is obviously not saved, so please pray for his salvation.
Please continue to pray for our neighbors, as we have begun to see God opening doors and working on hearts.

Also, please pray for the salvation of some contacts we have in Northern Taiwan. Also, Wally mentioned that things are getting more difficult on the Mainland, so please pray for them as well.

Thank you for the privilege of serving the Lord here on your behalf. Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support. You’re the best. Keep up the great work in your place of service!

In His service,

Missionary #6011