Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Extraordinary ProvisionPraise God for His continual blessings and watch care over us! God has been so very good to us. We are very thankful to Him and to so many of you who have been a blessing to us!

We were at a rest stop, and a man pulled up next to us in the parking lot and wasted little time in opening the door and proclaiming the praises of God. That was how we met Robert Moore in Waco, Texas. I did ask regarding his salvation, and when he found out we were missionaries, he stopped me and handed me money! Unbelievable! It was so extraordinary, convicting, and refreshing!

In the last newsletter, I mentioned being able to see two Tylers saved. While out soul winning at a park with my two oldest kids, we had been able to pass out some tracts and talk to some folks a little bit, but had been unable to see anyone saved. As we were pulling away, I saw a man on a walking path and felt like the Holy Spirit would have me turn around and talk to him. I am glad that I obeyed, got out, and witnessed to him. He was so ready. He had been going through some difficult times, and it seemed that this was exactly what he was ready for on this exact day! And guess what his name was? That’s right—Tyler. Praise God another Tyler is saved!

Also, my five-year-old son and I were able to see a young lady named Hannah saved while out soul winning in Galesburg, Illinois. It is such a blessing to go out with him; it’s pretty hard for folks to turn down a Gospel tract from a five-year-old!

Thank God for ways in which He can show Himself strong. On a very cold day when I went to start the van, I blew a power-steering line. We had a meeting that we needed to get to, but the Lord had a vehicle that we were able to borrow without expensive rental costs. Then the mechanic was able to come and fix it right on site very inexpensively. I love that I serve the Creator God Who is all-powerful. May I always trust Him!

My wife and I enjoyed getting to attend our church’s Marriage Retreat, “In One Accord,” in Lombard, Illinois. It was the second retreat we have been able to attend since we have been married.

Please pray for wisdom for us as we make decisions, for my daughter to heal from tibial torsion, and for the loss of W__’s father-in-law (a Chinese man we are working with). Please pray for one of our teammates and his family, who are planning to come back to the States to travel for a couple of months this summer.

Praise the Lord! We are at 76% support received, with additional promised. Thank you to all of you who so faithfully give to the Lord financially and have been a help and blessing in so many other ways. We are expecting a little girl, due around the middle of June! Mother and baby are both doing fine.

In His service,

Missionary #6011 and Family