Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Back Home!It is wonderful to be back home in China! Thank you to so many of you who have made and are making this possible through your faithful giving and support. So much has happened, so I will just hit some highlights.

We were able to make it to China safely without major incident. Some Chinese brothers picked us and our luggage up at the airport, shipped the majority of our luggage to our future home to help travel go more smoothly, and took us to a home to stay for the evening. We then caught a train the next day and were picked up and taken to an apartment that was to be my former employer’s new apartment. We stayed there for a month while arranging things and looking for a home to live in.

I had been told that the university would not help give my family their visas, only me. We went by faith, knowing that though that is acceptable by Chinese standards, that situation would not work. I was asked to come to the office, and, praise the Lord, they agreed to let them stay and rest on my visa. This could have been quite tedious otherwise.

My former employer not only allowed us to stay in his home, but he also gave of his busy schedule to take me around looking at homes. We finally settled on a nice place less than 10 minutes from the university and with our back to a mountain—not at all what we expected in our populous new home.

During the time back, we have gotten to witness to the many taxi drivers whom we have ridden with. Two showed great interest and seemed to indicate they were interested in believing. We also have the privilege of being involved in several meetings during the week. I get to lead the singing. At various times I will preach in English services, and my wife plays the piano for Sunday mornings.

We apologize if you have sent emails and we have not responded due to Chinese censorship. Please send all future email correspondence to FBMI. Our old email address does not currently get through very well. If you have not already, please add our information to your contacts to avoid our emails being sent to your spam/junk folder.

Also, if you are interested in sending anything directly to us in China, please make sure it is listed as from an individual, not an assembly. Please contact us directly for our address should you wish to send anything.

Prayer Requests

• Language studies for the whole family
• Me as I go to the university for language studies
• Souls to be saved and discipled
• Spiritual influence
• Our team
• Wisdom
• Safety and health (I was told I have a kidney stone. Praise God for safety involving a car and our scooter.)

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

In His service,

M6011 and Family