Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  An Amazing Two Months!God Is So Good, All the Time!

The past few months have been an amazing time! The two men I mentioned in the last letter, H___ and Ev___, were both baptized. Then R___, another of my classmates, was also saved and baptized and has been very consistent in his discipleship lessons. After we did the lesson on witnessing, he and I were able to talk with a foreign classmate who was Catholic. We went to a restaurant together, and there Nic__ chose to trust Christ.

I was able to witness to others as well. I had an interesting encounter with a classmate who had turned from the Christianity his parents believed to being an Atheist. Remarkably, he seems hungry for truth, which was evident by the fact that he was reading Ecclesiastes the other day.

Thank you for all of the kind notes, cards, emails, and gifts for my birthday. It is such a blessing when people remember your birthday even though you are across the globe.

We had the opportunity to visit the other city where we lived for a year. We saw our teammates who live there, as well as had an activity with their assembly folks. The sporadic rain provided good opportunity for fellowship under a tent or shared umbrella. It was so encouraging to see a convert there named Ter___. He introduced me to another man as the man who led him to Christ. Wow! Serving God is so worth it, isn’t it?! Please continue to pray for his wife Mar___, who has yet to believe. Also, they are expecting their second child.

My classmates consist of so many different nationalities. Some of them are Muslim. I thank God for people who have resources we can use to witness to them. After sharing a resource with one of them, he said that he didn’t agree with it. We set up a time today, and I was able to share the Gospel clearly with him. Though we ran out of time to conclude our discussion, he was very receptive and seemed happier at the end than at the beginning. God was very clearly in the conversation. He wanted me to finish even though my allotted time had concluded. Never be intimidated by lies. They have nothing to stand on against the truth! Please pray for Om___.

Our team ladies held their first-ever ladies’ meeting. They talked about walking with God, marriage, and child rearing. The response was very positive, and we trust it was a blessing.

Please pray for an opportunity that a teammate sees to help spread material to Chinese and other folks. He asked if I would be willing to travel with him for a five-day trip to America in July. God has amazingly provided thus far. Please pray for this opportunity and that God’s will would be done. Please pray for safety as well.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! We cannot be here without folks like you behind us! We pray for you all as well!

In His service,

Missionary #6011
Written 6/4/2018