Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: The Power of the Gospel“. . . stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.”
(Philippians 1:27)

The power of the Gospel never ceases to leave me in utter astonishment! To think of the innumerable problems and obstacles that the Gospel can solve is staggering. From poverty to gluttony; from petty arguments to civil unrest to wars that engulf all mankind; from the fearful liar to the most stubborn, wicked, vile, unbelieving soul that ever walked the planet—the Gospel is the answer. Salvation is the answer. Forgiveness is the answer. Respect is the answer. Honesty is the answer. The lifting up of Jesus and the focusing of our lives on Him is the answer for all things. Let’s not waste our time talking about the evening news. Let’s spend our lives talking about the “Good News”!

After our extended stay in Oklahoma, we made our way back to our base of operations in Northwest Indiana. Here I have been working on getting our schedule straightened out.

Having finally made it to a place where we come in contact with people regularly, we began searching for avenues to get the Gospel out. The Lord opened a door for us by blessing our son with a bike. We fixed it up a little, so the bike was roadworthy. The next morning, I was up early, eager to take a ride. I took off in a direction that seemed interesting, as was my custom in China. Five miles later, I was at a large park with many people out for a little exercise. I began passing out tracts, and before I knew it, I had run out of them. The next opportunity, we determined that we would all go—we became Holy Rollers! E___ and T___ put on their roller blades. R___ and I took the bikes, and my wife drove herself and P___ over to the park. We were able to have a great time as a family, witnessing and passing out tracts. E___ was able to lead Tracy to the Lord, and I met Trimell, a former pro-European basketball player. He happily listened to the Gospel and accepted Christ. Now he is truly on the winning team! Praise the Lord for the power of the Gospel on wheels!

Praise the Lord also that the kids are finishing off the school year. Please continue to pray for my parents, R___ and M___, as my dad battles cancer, heart disease, and Parkinson’s. Pray also for our friends in China to have opportunities to speak to friends, family, and coworkers about the power of the Gospel.

Bound to His service,

The M6004 Family “Holy Rollers”